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    Thank you M0H0 I plan on just taking a little holiday to relax and spend time with my family I do plan to return, I know you cant give dates but can you indicate when the next patch will arrive

    No the account was used to play it joined long before you and draque did, she then quit out of bordom but joined you for some fun then saw how sexist and backwards you were and decided to inform me of your movements and chats like you with your other 4 acconts except she did not break any rules

    I have screenshot your direct insult towards me and have reported it to devs you have no respect for anyone but yourself go cheat in another game cheaters just ruin games. Clearly your parents never thought you manners and respect.

    Again ask support all you want but Ciara is my gf who lives in Dublin, I live in Wicklow 30 minutes away by car you want addresses too and some bank codes? Grow up and learn to play with some honour you cheat and that proves your worth

    You are just upset that you lost five accounts again support ran all the checks on me and ciara and proves we are two people. Nik you are nothing but a cheater, why you would cheat in game I dont know says a lot about you though

    Well there is a direct insult right there a personal one too. If you need to make 5 accounts to win then you are cheating. And in world of tanks cheating is not so easy, making multiple accounts to boost yourself in world of tanks doesnt help you. You just cant accept the fact that you and your cheating tribe are only there because you cheat. Call me pathetic all you will but if you need to cheat to win then look in the mirror when you call someone pathetic

    So at this point of a month and a half of game-play and the only update is now what seems to be a fix for past mistakes in development. Where is the game going and how long until it gets anywhere?. This is not a dig at any developers but I currently feel this GAME is a task and not a game anymore. It is very clear there are a lot of faults in the game and they are very noticeable. I know this is the newest server and there are older ones ahead of us does anyone know at what stage are they at or are they just the same as us?

    A lot of players have already left due to boredom, the negativity in the game, the big flaws in the mechanics such as the combat system, the huge lack of co op play and the huge lack of an objective. The current objective and please correct me if im wrong is to, Build a city and then build more cities and just keep going.

    The players themselves had to stumble in the dark for most of the game and there is very little infrastructure built into the game. So many players have just gone on vacation mode and left and that is not for a holiday to the sun but a holiday from the game. It seems more like a task then a game as there is no real objective, there is no real PVP system in place, the only one that is there is just pointless and achieves nothing as you get more from Merc camps anyway.

    The players up to a point where great until a group of players from older servers came in with knowledge unknown to new players who for some very strange reason knew of the HUGE combat flaws that somehow where brought to a new servers instead of using a new one. These players used multi accounts, took advantage of the games flaws to boost themselves up, they also have slandered many in game players who have now just gave up as they saw the game as a lost cause or just got sick of playing a game to just be insulted. It seems players who do cheat can just return on a new account after giving all of there cheated gains to a player in game and continue as if noting happens. There have been no major responses from
    developers other than a warning and a ban that has achieved nothing as people can just re join again after.

    There is a huge advantage for the pay to win system as people can just pay money to never lose any troops and just heal them all, combine that with the broken combat system and it is then pointless trying to kill anything if it can brought straight back.

    So in all I do plan on leaving as this game unless someone can convince me to stay as so far the only reason I have stayed this long is a testiment to those I play with, many of which have done the same just gone on a permanent vacation. And well in a game that has a lot of flaws that the devs have not learned from older versions of the game to fix until now, and where cheaters can do as they like and brag about being close to developers (Gaviotta) to which more people are now believing and myself included as no matter they cheat or break rules all they get is warning. So ban me if you like as im not really going to care if I get a warning at this stage. But if a group of cheaters can come in and do as they like and boast about being able to do as they like because the developers will not do anything to them for personal reasons then why should anyone bother playing the player base is shrinking and not growing and those that never bothered putting much time in look the wiser as they the sense in not wasting time. So as not to be personal or anything the cheating, sexist, arrogant, perverted, self righteous, and just in general poor players who have to cheat to get ahead in a poorly designed game.

    So if anyone can convince to stay I will but as of now ( I am on holiday so have a lot of free time) this game feels too much like a task and not a game , I can see little reason to further invest my time and money.

    Also draque you and your tribe cheat to win you are nothing but cheaters no one cinsiders you a good player anymore as all you do is cheat, break rules and exploit the flaws in the game. You are nothing but a cheater with no honour or pride and your boasting is meaningless from the mouth of a player who cheats and pays to win. Im sad to think I considered you a good player.

    This is clear violation of the pushing rule and should not be tolerated. You and the devs told us that larger players giving smaller players armies to attack people is against the rules and El D and Selena have clearly done this here as there points went up and down in sync.