• Kíimak 'oolal - Join our tribe and Play with Mayan style ;)

    We aim to add some "real" Mayan style (With exception with human sacrifices) to the game with some storytelling, roleplay and deeper Mayan Culture; name, vocabulary,...

    Join us and our Tribe will be soon one of the Empire greatest.

    Write us a little introduction/motivation letter but except that every level of player is welcome.

    See you soon.

  • Hi All,

    As it looks that i will stay alone (in the dark) for long... I will take my ideas and bring it to an established tribe for now... It will motivate me more than ever (sharing make us always richer) and i won't miss to come back with some Mayan stuff soon ;)

    My Site will stay for all non-tribe feature and maybe become my future tribe site if they feel the need for.

    From now Quirigua is disbanded... Thanks for those who expressed their support for my ideas so far.

    See you soon... anyway :-) I'm surely not leaving the game.