AAR (After Action Report) - A new hope

  • I will take advantage of the new server to create a story AAR like is done in a lot of game (especially historical / war one)
    Hope you will like it. I will write it like a diary.

    I will try to mix story with game technics... and add illustration as well. Thanks for your indulgence for my approximative english too...

    Enjoy !

    Preface :

    Kan Uo (4th Day of the 2nd Month) 298 AD

    I'm finally back home... but all seems really different from the date a left the village. Where once was the forest is now a lot of construction.
    When i try to reach the works A stranger come to me and speak quickly... She certainly think that i'm somebody else, but with the guards around her i'm not really authorized to complain.

    Itzel (I just hear somebody calling her from the other side of the hill) explain me that our Ahau has disappeared in strange circumstance.... disappeared... If it's true we are in a deep...

    She ask me to take the direction of the new city construction.

    Me ? But... i can just read and write... and not as fluent as my father want me to do...

    And a Temple will not be done in a day.... even with a lot of volunteer...

    She quickly salute me and disappeared as quickly as he come... leaving me with a strange feeling that my life has just taken a new direction.
    Maybe the one to the next sacrifice day....

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  • Chicchan Uo (5th Day of the 2nd Month) 298 AD

    The day after, (or maybe the corn alcohol orgy of yesterday make me sleep a long time) works progressed magically...

    The temple is nearly done, and Itzel have a shiny smile on her face...

    Sun God is with us... Looks how this temple will makes all city around jealous... looking like simple settlement...

    Ben Uo (13th Day of the 2nd Month) 298 AD

    The rapid construction and our vibrant cult to the Sun had made some noise and we are already fifty... we need to build new construction soon and build a Quarry and a Obsidian mine.

    My assistant (Gods i have an assistant) brings me the plan for them and we start the excavation quickly. So quickly that we already have some complains.

    To avoid further issues i decided to fix the work day to 14 hours during summer...

    The obsidian mine is the first to be ready and the vein are so generous... Itzel kindly (hum) remind me that Quarry (and Limestone)
    are really important and that we need to extract NOW... ok... i need to learn how to deal with... important advisor and start it too.

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  • Imix Zip (1st Day of the 3nd Month) 298 AD

    A couple of days later the Quarry is ready and start to produce a lot of limestone...

    Itzel looks happy again but when i already think about some "upgrade" of our quarry a large tanned man is clearly coming to me.
    He introduce itself as Akhin, master of the Empire great library. He has plan to build a Observatory. My mother have learn me all the ancient knowledge of Stars readers and i know that looking in the stars will help our city to make the right choices. The Observatory will also be the house ouf our wisemen.

    The night come as i replay the last days events...

    Young Ahau... he call me young ahau... My dreams was once again filled with strange golden snakes.

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  • Chicchan Zip (5th day of the 3rd month)

    Next days were a little calmer but as the people come and city growth, we have strong food needs and what the nature around us offers is not enough...

    With the build of the Observatory we will need to discover additional science to develop our agriculture, soon corn fields will run trough the prairie.

    Akhin was interrupting my nap... mmmm... asking an audience and rapidly showed me some tablets about mathematics and nature knowledge from our ancestors. He is really grumpy again... or like to makes me feel like i'm on the wrong path but that he is "hopefully" here to correct this before an imminent disaster.

    He promise me some coffee as reward and this will probably serve him as the best chance to keep me awake.... anyway...

    A couple of days later we are ready to learn agriculture...

    When i first though it was easy, i just forgot that we are in the middle of the rain forest and that our city soil is not that good for corn... Bringing the necessary component for the terrace building will at least take a couple of days.

    I hided myself from Akhin pretending supervising the transports and build a little hut on the road to the clay pit to recover... I'm not a god, i need to rest.

    source: http://dornsife-blogs.usc.edu/pwp-belize/

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  • I will then here change the style of the AAR by purpose... the idea... is there to show different technique so if you want to do it by yourself choose the one that fit you the best....

    The first part was more a illustrated diary... with a dose of humor...

    The next one will me more based on a series of postcard like a road trip.

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  • Dear Ahau,

    We have arrived 3 days ago at the new city of Naachtun, the new corn field is giving all his promises.

    Women can now prepare corn flour tortillas, i send you the recipe so you can ask to your master cook to to some for your next breakfast.

    May the Maize God be with you.

    What You Need :


    2 cups masa harina
    1/2 teaspoon salt1
    1/2 cups hot water (hot tap water is fine)

    (Easy isn't it)

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  • Dear Ahau,

    I heard that there is some trouble in the capital. I hope that you're safe and that your private guard is efficient.
    Here we are far from this agitation... We heading south to the new Ik temple... Our Poloms are more than efficient but the cacao beans are heavy to transport... but you know that i can't live without them ;)

    We hope to reach the lack Peten Itza by next moon and send you more news...

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