FAQ - 6. Rituals: Dances and Feasts

  • 6.1. Dances

    - What kinds of rituals can I perform in Tentlan?

    There are two kinds of rituals: one of them is called Dances, and the second is known as Feasts. Dances are used to change seasons, and Feasts serve to activate certain effects.

    - How can I change seasons in Tentlan?

    Go to the Moon Temple and click on the image of a season you wish to activate, then press the "Perfom ritual" button:

    By doing so, a ritual starts. As soon as it is completed, the change of seasons takes place, which means that from that moment on the effects of a new season apply to your city. Upon the completion of the ritual the season icon will change, too:

    - What do I need the seasons for?

    A certain season may be required for a research, a building, or a feast. Besides, each season implies advantages and disadvantages in terms of resources production, troops recruitment, time you spend on researching technologies and constructing buildings, etc. For this reason, it makes sense to change seasons in order to gain certain advantages for your city.

    You'll find the description of all seasons and their respective effects in the Moon Temple. A click on the image of a season will open up an overview listing advantages and disadvantages of the season in question, as pictured below:

    - I'm researching a technology for which I need a special season. Do I need to wait till the research level is completed, or can I change the season in the meantime?

    If an order is already in progress, you can switch the season, there is no need to wait till the order is completed. What counts is the point in time when an order execution starts, not ends.

  • 6.2. Feasts

    - What are Feasts and what do I need them for?

    Feasts are rituals that allow activating special effects in the game. A Feast consists of two parts: the first part is the ritual that you start in the Moon Temple, and the second part is the effect of the ritual (for example, double speed for all units for a limited period of time).

    There are four Feasts in Tentlan that activate the following effects:

    - Fire Feast: double strength for all units in a selected city
    - Lightning Feast: double speed for all units in a selected city.
    - Kantepec Feast: allows moving troops to any location on the world map without corn expenses.
    - Oracle Feast: allows viewing on/off status of any player for 15 minutes.

    - Where can I perform Feasts?

    In the Moon Temple, same as other rituals (Dances)

    - What is the difference between Feasts and other rituals (Dances)?

    Both Feasts and Dances consist of two parts: the first part is the ritual as such that you start in the Moon Temple. The second part constitutes the effect of a certain ritual, which (e.g. double strength for all units) takes place after a ritual has been performed.

    In the case of Dances, the effects (of winter, summer, etc.) continue till you perform a new ritual to change the current season. It is different for Feasts: while the first part, that means, the ritual remains the same, the Feast effects are valid just for a limited time. Once that time is over, the Feast effects are no longer valid. It means, there is no need to perform a new ritual in order to change the effects, since they are limited by time.

    - What do I need to perform Feasts?

    For the Fire Feast and the Lightning Feast, you need to meet their respective requirements that you'll find in the Moon Temple. Click on the icon of each ritual to view the details.

    The Cantepek Feast and the Oracle Feast are currently only available during the time of in-game events. To perform these Feasts, you'll need to collect a certain amount of crystals.

    - Is there any cooldown for performing Feasts?
    Yes, the Fire Feast and the Lightning Feast can be activated once every two weeks. You can reduce the cooldown through researching Cosmology.

    - What is the duration time of each Feast?

    - The Lightning Feast and the Fire Feast last between 10 minutes and 1 hour, their duration time is always determined randomly.
    - The Cantepec Feast and the Oracle Feast last 15 minutes.

    - How do I know that a Feast has been activated in my city?

    When a ritual ends, a feast icon and a countdown timer will be displayed:

    This means that a feast (in this case, the Fire Feast) is acitve, and that it ends in 20 min 52 sec.

    - Can I activate several Feasts at the same time?

    No, you cannot activate more than one feast at a time. If you activate a second feast while the first one is still active, then the first feast will automatically end. It means that one feast would replace the other.

    - Is it possible to extend the effects of a Feast?

    Yes, there are premium options called Kauil items in the shop (section "Rituals") that extend a feast for another 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes. In order for any of these items to be used, you must have an active feast in your city. It is possible to extend each active feast up to three times using the Kauil items.

    - Do the effects of any Feast apply to all cities of one game account, or just to one city in which that Feast is active?

    The effects of any feast only apply to the city where that particular feast is active.

    - When activating the Fire Feast, what troops will get +100% strength: those that I sent off for a raid, or those that remain in the city? Or both?

    Both attacking and defending troops (i.e. those that remain in the city) will fight with 100% more strength.

    - I have a troop outside of my city, and I wish to activate the Fire Feast. Would its effects apply to that troop as well?

    Yes. If you have a troop that is already outside of your city, and then you activate the Fire Feast, its effects (+100% strength) will apply to all troops originating from the same city where the Fire Feast is active. It is not important when you've sent off your troops, what counts is the city from which the troop has been sent: it must be the same city so that the Fire Feast effects would apply.

    - Do I need the Fire Feast only when I wish to attack someone?

    In most cases yes, but not necessarily. It can also be used for defense, since all troops of a city in which the Fire Feast is active, will get +100% strength. If you are attacked while the Fire Feast is active in your city, your troops will have +100% strength just the same.