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    Hello Ahaus,

    We are happy to announce that from this week on, we are adding daily events in addition to already existing weekend events.

    Such events will last 24 hours, as the name suggests, and will be activated randomly from time to time some days of the…
  • Tehuantepec (int39) is now live! You can register an account via the following link:

    Good luck eveyone!
  • Hello Ahaus,

    The time has come for a new server with special barbarian villages!

    Tehuantepec (INT39) will be the next international server featuring special barbarian villages, which are procedurally generated as opposed to fixed per level. This means…
  • Gaviotta

    Hello Ahaus,

    Looking for a fresh start on a new English speaking server? This Monday, August 23rd at 15:00 CET, the new server Chinkultic (EN29) will begin, a new English world in Tentlan featuring standard settings. To find out what time that is in…
  • Gaviotta

    Replied to the thread Confirming Accounts.
    If you cannot confirm the email address, please contact the support (support or via the contact button on the forum) incl. the following details: your player name, the game server and the email address. Please send this message from the…