FAQ - 8.5. Defense and protection features

  • - How do I notice if there is an incoming attack towards my city?
    Pay attention to the "Activity" icon: should there be an incoming attack or espionage, this icon will turn red. Foreign troop movement towards your city will also be displayed in the activities window:


    - What do I need the Watchtower for?
    With the help of the Watchtower you can see the troops approaching your city, including the following details:

    - type of mission: attack, espionage, troops transfer, etc.
    - friendly mission/hostile mission
    - city of origin and city of destination
    - type and number of troops on the way to your city
    - time of arrival:


    - I see an incoming attack, but I cannot see the troops. What can I do in order to see the troops?
    To be able to see the troops on the way to your city, you must have a Watchtower that is no more than 2 levels below the espionage level of the attacker. For example, if the espionage level of the attacker is 29, then you must have at least a level 27 Watchtower to be able to see their troops. If you cannot see the troops, keep upgrading the Watchtower.

    - The Wall: how can it help to defend my city?
    The Wall is the first obstacle that your opponent's troops must deal with when trying to enter your city. Each Wall level has a certain stamina value; the higher the expansion level of the Wall, the higher this value, which means that the more effort (and strength) the opponent must apply in order to destroy one level. Only by destroying one level of the Wall can they enter into your city. The stamina values per each Wall level are displayed in the same building, you can look them up by clicking on the "Show more info" button :


    Note that the Wall only helps to defend the city, but it does not give a complete protection against attacks.

    - How can I defend my city if someone attacks me?

    Since Tentlan is a strategy game, with mutual attacks being one of the core features, it can happen that you may be attacked by other players. However, there are a lot of actions you can take to prevent your city from being pillaged and your army from being lost:

    1) Don't leave too many resources in your city when you're offline

    If there is nothing to take, it is not very likely that someone would attack you. For this reason, if possible, try to spend all resources before you leave the game, thus making your city as little attractive as possible for potential attackers searching for resources.

    2) Send your army (and resources) away from the city

    This tactic may be useful if you see an incoming attack and it does not make sense for you to wait till it hits, because the opponent's army is too strong and/or because it wouldn't pay off for you in any other way. Also, this tactic comes in very handy if you plan to stay a while offline and have reasons to believe that it may not be safe to leave your troops and resources in the city unprotected. There are a number of ways how to withdraw the army and the resources from the city:

    a) Ask your fellow tribe members if you may leave your troops and resources in their city/cities for some time while you are offline. This can make sense if there are players in your tribe that are strong enough, so that they wouldn't easily be attacked by someone else.

    b) Apply "Saving" tactic" by spying on (or attacking) an inactive low score player, or a level 1-2 barbarian camp

    The purpose of such pseudo-espionage or pseudo-attack is secure troops and resources while you are offline by sending them away, not to spy on someone or attack them.

    How to do it:

    1) Go to the world map and search for a low score inactive player (displayed in grey color) or a low level barbarian (levels 1-2 max.)

    2) Select either "spy" or "attack"

    (!) Don't select "attack" in a combination with barbarian camps, otherwise you'll lose one attack on barbarians you have per day; if you want to use barbarian camps for securing your troops and resources, you should only use the mission "Spy".

    (!!) Note that if you select "spy", you need to select at least one spy.

    (!!!) Saving with nahuals: if you have nahuals in your troops, select "attack" instead of "spy", to avoid losing nahuals (because otherwise you always lose one nahual for each espionage mission with nahuals).

    3) Select all units you want to secure

    4) Add all resources you want to secure

    5) Press the button "Send troops"

    Example: If you need to secure your troops/resources say, for 4 hours, search for an inactive city or a barbarian camp located at 2h distance away from you (2h one way, and 2h return). Since the whole army always moves at the speed of the slowest unit, it would make sense to include at least one slow unit, such as Pochteca, or better still, an Ek Chuah, to the troop.

    3) Activate the pacific mode ("while flag") or attack protection if necessary (both are premium options):

    - Through the activation of the pacific mode you will be able to save your troops from an attack, but not the resources. The pacific mode can be activated on hourly basis. It can also be activated if there is an incoming attack towards your city.

    - If you need a complete protection, you can activate one of the Pakal items (for 12 hours/24 hours/3days).

    - Are there any protection measures from high score players in the game?
    Yes, there are several protection mechanisms aimed at protecting players with lower score from players with higher score:

    1. Beginner's protection

    This protection is activated automatically when a new game account is registered. The beginner's protection lasts till you have 2,400 points. If you not reach 2,400 points within the first 5 days after the account registration, the protection will end after 5 days have elapsed.

    The beginner's protection ends prematurely if you attack another player (barbarian camps are not taken into account).

    2. Protection from stronger players when attempting to repeat the attack

    If one player attacks another player whose score is 75% of the attacker's score or lower and wins the battle, the defender will be granted a protection for the next 12 hours from the attacks of that player. For example, if the attacker has 10,000 points, the defender must have no more than 7,500 points so that the said protection could be activated.

    Also note that:
    - this protection does not apply to barbarian camps;
    - the defender must be an active player;
    - the defender is only protected against attacks of the same player (i.e. this is not a complete protection against attacks of any player);
    - the attacker must win the battle (i.e. not cancel the attack the last second before it hits the target);
    - the defender must not attack back the attacker as long as the protection lasts (12 hours), otherwise the defender will lose this protection.

    3. No raid/espionage possible

    It is not possible for a player to attack or spy on another player whose score is 5 times higher or lower than theirs.

    ATTENTION: If your account gets inactive for over 7 days, the protection against stronger players DOES NOT APPLY!