• Vappster, there really is something really wrong with u mate, u've accused me of being a liar,a spy, a cheat, multi personality, not being who i say i am, now having multi accounts on the forum, and running multi accounts in game, and properly other things that i dont know of, i have stressed again and again, most if all are against the rules, and if your in our alliance which i have no doubt you are, we reinforce these rules to be kept too. I dont care if your number 1 in Cala or which ever server, at the end of the day your a grumpy old guy who has nothing else to do all day but troll and accuse others. I however hold a full time business and have 5 kids / 2 are who adults now who i love more than anything in this world. I play this game to relax chill when the kids are sleeping, or at there fathers. I dont take this game serious i dont care what rank i am as it means nothing to me,i dont care what troops i have, i dont care if i get zero, i just rebuild as my cities/ research can not be taken, if i become someones farm again i dont care its a game!!! In fact i am more than willingly given my troops to the new guys who start up, hence why im on a very slow progress, my resources mean nothing to me as i send those also to those that really need them. If i have i will send and help others grow, i dont CARE for myself. I work as a team and our tribe is all that matter to me. So whatever you want to call me, i DONT care at the end of the day. I am human i have feelings, i am not heartless and i certainly dont troll the internet i have much better things in my life going for me right now. BUT thing is for certain i dont like u and u dont like me, of which i think is because i dont BOW down to u im an ex servicewoman and i BOW to no one. U can go off and accuse me of what you like but i know the truth and that Mandragora is my sole account, i enjoy a game, i dont care if im ranking 100....... END OF.

  • Quite honestly, I don't know what your problem is, Vappster.
    I don't know why you seem to hate Mandragora this much, nor do I care.
    But name calling, really? Don't you think that this is beneath you? (Well, apparently not.)

    Surely you've talked to the devs, yes? So you have proof of her being a "cheat" and having a "board alt"?
    No? I'll tell you why. Because you know you're talking bullsh*t. If you did, you would realize that even with several PCs it would be impossible to be logged on in different countries at the same time. As for cheating, same thing. Ask, and they will tell you there has been none.

    Maybe, after that, you can stick to facts, and stop insulting people with accusations you have got no proof of.

    Thank you.

  • I'm smiling right now. But you can take a flying jump at a rolling donut. You are no judge of anyone's character, in fact you just registered, so you're probably yet another messageboard alt. I could care less what you think, since you're the same person as mandrag. LOL

  • I have no "concerns" I'm done with tikal :D "sorry buddy" Getting to the point where I'm done with this failure of a game. The ego's (including yours) are bigger than the gameplay. Stopped being fun ages ago. Good luck.