[Finished] Weekend Event: Recover faster from battles!

  • Dear Ahaus,

    If you are plotting a big attack this weekend, you are in luck, because from Friday 12th 00:01 CEST to Sunday 14th 23:59 CEST all hurt units that can be healed after a battle, will return straight to your ranks fully recovered, rather than waiting for you to heal them on the Itzamna Temple. Note that this event will not change the amount of units that can be recovered, it only lets you skip healing them in the Itzamna Temple. To increase the amount of survivors, the "Ahau" items in the item shop (under "warfare") can be used as usual.

    Have fun, and be sure not to miss it!

    Your Tentlan Team

  • And the event is over! Thank you everyone for taking part of it, we hope you enjoyed the event and had a chance to take advantage of it during the weekend. More to come, stay tuned!

    Your Tentlan Team