Problem - Warehouse Capacity

  • Warehouse Capacity

    In one of the last updates of the system, it was decided that from level 50, the maximum capacity of the warehouse would equal the value of the most costly resource needed to evolve to the next level of the warehouse.

    When I finished building the warehouse level 56, I saw three problems:

    • In the General information table of the capacity of the Warehouse levels, there are still the values before the system upgrade.
    • The total capacity of the warehouse level 56 is equal to the capacity of the warehouse level 55.
    • The total capacity of the warehouse is not commensurate with the base capacity added to the pottery research bonus and the level of the Council of tribes.


    To evolve Warehouse from level 55 to level 56, the most costly feature was Obsidian 312653127. Under the new update, the maximum capacity of the warehouse level 56, should be 312653127.

    So there is a problem with the base ability or the multiplication factor of the pottery search bonuses added to the Tribal Council bonus.

    I. Council of Tribes

    II. Pottery

    III. Warehouse Capacity Level 56

    NOTE: The correct warehouse capacity should be:
    Base Capability + (Pottery Bonus + Tribal Council Bonus))

    • 312653127 * (1 + 0.7)
    • 312653127 * 1.7
    • 531510316

    In portuguese:…o-Armaz%C3%A9m/#post21551

  • Hi WeltonJesus, thanks for reporting. We cannot reproduce this issue (upgrading from 55 to 56, and from 56 to 57 increases capacity accordingly), but we are investigating. It should be noted that your calculation is incorrect, because 312653127 is the final value, not the base capacity. The base capacity used on which to calculate bonuses in your example would be 158M (as stated in the information table before).

  • M0h0 in April there was an update and bug fix of the system and one of the bugs they promised to fix was that from level 50, the cost for warehouse evolution would not be higher than the capacity value of the current level.

    The cost to start building the warehouse from level 56 to level 57 was 312653127 Obsidian. According to information posted in the bug fix forum, the base capacity of the warehouse level 56 should be equal to 31263127.

    Look this:…ighlight=Update#post20497…ighlight=Update#post20491

    The values of the base capacity of the information table are the values before the correction of the bug. I remember that on the day of the update, the values in the information table had changed and then returned to the old values again.

    I saw this when building warehouse level 56 was completed and the total capacity continued to equal the total capacity when the warehouse was level 55.