Tenochtitlan: End of round & restart on November 27

  • Dear Ahaus,

    The time has come for the current round of the war server Tenochtitlan to come to an end and for a new beginning to start: on November 27th at approximately 17:00 CET Tenochtitlan will become unavailable, and after a restart process that should not take longer than an hour, the new Tenochtitlan will open doors to all!

    If you had previously played in this server, your account will be automatically reserved on the new round and you'll be able to login using your existing name/email. Any turquoises and amber stones left at the time of the restart will also transfer to accounts in the new round. Registrations will of course be open to new accounts as well: If you never played in Tenochtitlan and would like to give this special server a go, next monday 27th would be a great time to start.

    Whether you are seasoned player or just starting out, remember that Tenochtitlan is a specially challenging server with war features, so watch out if plan to survive the next round ;)

    Good luck to everyone! We'll announce the winners of this round in this very forum as soon as the new round begins.

    Your Tentlan Team