Pro-Barb servers

  • Pro barb villages in Nakumal and Yaxuna will go away after the merge. As stated in the announcement:

    if you played in a pro-barbarian villages server, the new merged server will no longer feature pro-barbarian villages but standard ones.

    We regret having to do this, but it's a necessary measure to move forward with the merge.

  • We don't have an official guide for that, there are several strategies that you can go about. It's best if you ask other experienced players about it, join a tribe once the merge is complete and you'll hear about it soon enough ;)

  • A little question.. can you please make resources 4x in chicanna? its so harder to grow, most of us are used to more resource amounts, and when the merge came, we all woke up to less resources!

  • That is another unfortunate but necessary change in order to make the merge viable. I understand it will take some time to get used to it, but we can't speed up the server for now.