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    [10:51] [KNG] rickyisback: jamus
    [10:51] J-MITCH2023: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ y o u ricky
    [10:51] jamuscarneyhan37: why did you say n word
    [10:51] J-MITCH2023: i didnt even say it it was braden
    [10:51] jamuscarneyhan37: is that justin mitchell of trigg county high school in kentucky?
    [10:52] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGERS SUCK
    [10:52] jamuscarneyhan37: 'NlGGERS F U CK EM
    [10:53] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK NlGGERS LOL FU CK EM
    [10:53] jamuscarneyhan37: i want a fat black co ck 12 inches up my arse right fu cking now
    [10:53] J-MITCH2023: N i g g e r ni g g er
    [10:53] jamuscarneyhan37: N I G G E R
    [10:54] [KNG] rickyisback: justin mitchell of cadiz kentucky 42211
    [10:54] jamuscarneyhan37: 289 dogwood drive cadiz kentucky 42211
    [10:55] J-MITCH2023: come suck my ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    [10:55] jamuscarneyhan37: jmitch wanna do tribes
    [10:55] J-MITCH2023: yesss
    [10:55] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK NlGGERS
    [10:55] jamuscarneyhan37: that s wihat is name is
    [10:56] jamuscarneyhan37: catwoman
    [10:56] jamuscarneyhan37: catwoman
    [10:56] jamuscarneyhan37: how old are you sexy
    [10:56] jamuscarneyhan37: im 64 i just retired and I HATE NlGGERS
    [10:57] jamuscarneyhan37: lokning for sexy lady
    [10:57] jamuscarneyhan37: who wants to trade
    [10:58] jamuscarneyhan37: i have onsdidian
    [10:58] [RDGR] Gator: They sell your kind of women at the adult store but you need an air pump
    [10:58] jamuscarneyhan37: gator shut the hell up!! i bet you love nlggers!!!
    [10:59] jamuscarneyhan37: nlgger sympathist!!!!!
    [10:59] jamuscarneyhan37: disugisting!!!
    [10:59] J-MITCH2023:eyeyeduiehdeibcdjwk;ncljfd;vwiekrdfbckjvbsksljdbeuwihforufiuklwehdiewbdjwveiywvueidnfyuhfoiefiosdjfuoisjofjrhifojebfoiohfopefenigger
    [10:59] [RDGR] Gator: As a matter of fact I do
    [10:59] J-MITCH2023: jwqdvyjkdbvei[jsdbchdncbfjvk
    [10:59] jamuscarneyhan37: Gator, can i goin rige runers
    [11:00] J-MITCH2023: kijuhol;'kklf;d'';lkjklkjhjkjhhjhghjkjhhjh
    [11:00] jamuscarneyhan37: catwoman i wna to t join the csmmsp
    [11:00] [SSMP] Pink Panther: No thank you
    [11:00] [USA] Navarone: lol
    [11:01] [KNG] rickyisback: funny meme
    [11:01] [SSMP] CatWoman: sure come on over....
    [11:01] [SSMP] Pink Panther: -_-
    [11:01] [SSMP] Pink Panther: waits with a bat
    [11:01] [SSMP] CatWoman: :))
    [11:02] jamuscarneyhan37: nlggers suck and heres why; thy hav e destroyed ecomony7
    [11:03] [KNG] rickyisback: they**
    [11:03] jamuscarneyhan37: catwoman i bet your sexy ;)