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    [12:41] [KNG] rickyisback: do it
    [12:41] [KNG] troybutts315: hes fine for now
    [12:41] [KNG] godofthegame2: Yes
    [12:41] [KNG] troybutts315: tribe chat god
    [12:42] J-MITCH2023: aye
    [12:42] [KNG] troybutts315: not this buffoon again
    [12:42] [KNG] troybutts315: jmitch join kng
    [12:43] J-MITCH2023: ske ye
    [12:43] [KNG] troybutts315: join before i change my mind
    [12:44] [KNG] godofthegame2: Yeah join
    [14:35] [KNG] troybutts315: hello
    [14:36] [NEW] Twinkle: hush all us old folk are sleeping :P
    [14:53] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGERS
    [14:53] [KNG] rickyisback: QUIT THIS
    [14:53] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGERS SUCK
    [14:54] jamuscarneyhan37: ricky lets be best buds
    [14:54] [KNG] rickyisback: im ♥♥♥
    [14:54] [KNG] rickyisback: no
    [14:54] [NEW] Twinkle: What the hell is rong with you people !!
    [14:54] jamuscarneyhan37: I HATE NlGGERS
    [14:54] [KNG] rickyisback: quit this
    [14:54] [RDGR] Soneta: jamuscarneyhan37, go away!
    [14:54] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK YOU ALL
    [14:54] [KNG] rickyisback: i swear dude you gonna get banned trust me
    [14:54] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK YOU SONETA
    [14:55] jamuscarneyhan37: nlgga do it look like i care??????
    [14:55] [RDGR] Soneta: stupido!
    [14:55] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    [14:55] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGERS F U CKING GRROSS
    [14:55] [KNG] rickyisback: QUIT
    [14:55] [RDGR] Soneta: reported!
    [14:55] jamuscarneyhan37: EWWWWWWWWWWW NlGGERS
    [14:55] [KNG] rickyisback: you are gonna be banned
    [14:55] [NEW] Twinkle: Reported
    [14:55] [KNG] rickyisback: thank you
    [14:56] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGA ♥♥♥♥ YOU ILL RA PE YOU
    [14:57] jamuscarneyhan37: fu ck you BlTCH GO TO HELL AND SUCK SATANS FAT COC K
    [14:57] jamuscarneyhan37: TWINKLE YOU GONNA LOVE RIDING THIS FAT NlGGA DlCK
    [14:57] jamuscarneyhan37: NlGGA IMMA RA PE YOU
    [14:57] [RDGR] Soneta: I think you want to do it... crazy little think!
    [14:58] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK YOU SONETA YOU HAVE A SMALL PEN IS
    [14:58] jamuscarneyhan37: FU CK ALL OF YOU AND FU CK ALL NlGGERS
    [14:58] jamuscarneyhan37: twinkle take my hand in marriage
    [14:58] [RDGR] Soneta: LOL stupid I have no pen is
    [14:58] jamuscarneyhan37: or ill ra pe you bltch
    [14:58] jamuscarneyhan37: ill fu ck the shlt out of all of you
    [14:59] jamuscarneyhan37: ive got the ♥♥♥ on call
    [14:59] jamuscarneyhan37: k k k