tentlan benefits multi-accounts that buy turquoise?

  • because they do not explain to me how in the new peace server, there are players who have advanced a lot and are not banned

  • You can advance very quickly in the beginning of a new server when you spend a lot of turquoises.

    If you have your doubts, contact support. They will check multi-accounting.

    Raging here on the forums with conspiracy theories will not accomplish anything but make you look like a child throwing a tantrum.

  • they need more than turquoise for the jump they take, I am outraged that they do not apply the regulation for everyone and it is not a conspiracy is the one who puts more money, now if it bothers it is not my fault, and I do not have access to the source of tentlan and they They ask them to report when they know by IP who is multi-account or not.

    se necesitan mas que turquesas para el salto que dan, me indigna que no apliquen el reglamento para todos y no es una conspiracion es quien pone mas plata, ahora si molesta no es mi culpa, y no tengo acceso a la fuente de tentlan y ellos mismos piden que denuncien cuando ellos saben por el ip quien es multicuenta o noo

  • I am not an accomplice of this scam and if I throw a tantrum it is my problem, the worse it is to sustain the deluded lie
    No soy cómplice de esta estafa y si hago un berrinche es mi problema, lo peor es mantener la mentira