Excel VBA Calc tentlan

  • Hello,I introduce myself my name is roger and I am a developer I want to create an excel calculator in VBA for tentlan but for that I need your help, I am looking for different information concerning the calculation methods of different things: Construction time, construction cost, research time, research cost, production calculation. If you agree to provide me with this information I would be happy to create a calculator and send it to you for approval.

  • Hello :

    I found this discussion:

    time calculation

    M0H0 said that the complete list of information allowing the calculation would be made public although I looked for it but I did not find this information.

  • Hello,
    Is it possible that someone answers my question, I do not understand people are volunteering to develop small practical tools but the team does not answer, just say it if you do not want to answer but in a discussion M0H0 says that the information will be made public. Thank you for answering me