New Pro Barbarian Server Xalapa available now!

  • Hello Ahaus,

    The time has come for a new server with special barbarian villages!

    Xalapa (INT42) will be the next international server featuring special barbarian villages, which are procedurally generated as opposed to fixed per level. This means that every barbarian village you attack on Xalapa will be new and completely different from the others.

    Xalapa will open its doors to players of all languages and countries on 15 December at 15:00 CET (Central European Time). To find out what time that is in your time zone, click on this link.

    In addition to the new barbarians, Xalapa (int42) will also feature:

    • Quad speed server: build, research, recruit and travel at four times the usual speed.
    • The strong player protection will activate in differences of 5x points or more.
    • Survival rate 30%: 30% of all units defeated in a battle will survive and be sent to the Itzamna Temple in all cases (as opposed to the usual 8-15% survival rate).
    • All cities defeated, regardless score, get a 12 hour post-attack protection (as opposed to applying only when the defender has a score of 75% or less the attacker).
    • New barbarian attacks every 12 hours (instead once a day). That is to say, 10 attacks per day in two rounds, rather than 5 in one.
    • Corn rates for travels four times less, so you can travel larger distances at a lower cost in corn.

    Good luck and have fun everyone!

    Your Tentlan Team

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    Changed the title of the thread from “New Pro Barbarian Server Xalapa starting on 15 December!” to “New Pro Barbarian Server Xalapa available now!”.