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    this is bad haha i see two things colonisation table game catan, and pc game civilization of sid meyer in this haha,

    i like the idea couse i like those two games very much. btw theire both offline games so i dont know if theire are copyrights on the idea but it would be a massive update. but i like the idea

    thats true, i agree with that the defender is Always on the wrong side off the coin. one of the most defenseable things for a defender is curently the wall i think but that one is breakdownable losing a lvl when you attack it. so its making it only easier for an attacker.

    i almost fully agree with mopas,

    the merging is needing tweaking,

    in line of importance
    1. points is telling someting about resourch production, very much
    2. points is telling someting about defense structures, much
    3. points is telling someting about army strenght, not so much

    when my wife started playing i noticed that theire is a great game balance in a natural way.
    when i looked at her town i found out that she pretty quick had all her mines lvl 30 and higher,

    harvesting resourches and the increasing amount resourches needed to upgrade and the time needed to upgrade is in perfectly balance. the difference in a lvl 30 mine and a lvl 42 mine in getting resourches is not so much that its covering the hole.

    in fact while im struggeling collecting resourches and waiting till things are upgraded she rapidly came closer in her lvl of mines.

    the biggest disbalance in buildings is the jaguar temple, specially with higher lvl soldiers than the lvl of the building really makes a lot of difference and giving the higher lvl jaguar temple owner a huge boost.

    so after a server merge the disbalance is made by:

    in line of importance
    1. points is telling someting about army strenght, very much
    2. points is telling someting about defense structures, much
    3. points is telling someting about resourch production, not so much

    to say in a not so fair way, when a pro player is food and soldier less,
    than he can be defeated by a noob with an army with food.

    this is giving a very interesting and real life/natural game balance,

    to keep the facts.

    after a server merge it doesnt matter how much points youre opponents have, you are able to beat them if they have no troops.

    what i see happening in the server i played on after a merge is that 1 player is harvesting all the other players.

    for a dramatic example after a merge:

    the ranking looks as follows.
    1. player a has 15000 jaguar warriors and enough food
    2. player b has 15000 jaguar warriors and not enough food becouse he/she wasnt able to come directly online after server merge completed
    3. player c has 15000 jaguar warrriors and no food reason he/she came back after a weekend becouse someting in real life happend

    player a attacked player b and c till they are soldier less/or having not much soldiers left

    to make it a little easier i did 130 days couse some troops can be healed so i take a average number days 130.

    in the most wonderfull situation.
    in the upcomming 130 days player b and c have restored theire army and they are having again 15.000 jaguar warriors
    in the same 130 days player a also build 15.000 soldiers.

    the rankings now look like
    1. player a has 30.000 jaguar warriors
    2. player b has 15.000 jaguar warriors
    3. player c has 15.000 jaguar warriors
    this is the perfect senario,

    in real life game facts player a will on a regular base harvest player b and c, making them unable to restore theire army,
    but even in this perfect senario player a has become invincible to get attacked by player b and c

    so the real rankings after a server merge 130 days will be
    1. player a has 30.000 jaguar warriors
    2. player b has 0 jaguar warriors
    3. player c has 0 jaguar warriors

    in fact player b and c will probabbly quit the game soon or join to survive the tribe that player a is in.

    the same you see on the rankingslist in the server i play on first page you see only 3 players in other tribes, all the others are in the same tribe, 3 from mixed tribes and 9 from the invincible leading tribe.

    the frequent merging makes that the player that is playing and survived a lot of merges is the strongest player ingame.

    this is not the one with the most points, its the one with the survived army.

    on my server i see people attacking with 15.000 jaguar warriors while the most are unable to create a normal defense against them. this is demotivating players, when they are simply harvested each day/week and losing all theire hard work again.

    where there is a good balance with buildings theire is absoluutly no game balance in soldiers.

    i vote for server merges couse it keeps the game alive and servers alive.
    but the server merges need some tweaking to keep it fun for everyone. couse once you lost youre army the gab between you and the invincible army player only gets bigger and bigger.

    i vote for a server merge without troops, than the longer term loyal playing players get rewarded with theire time spend in building and playing. with holding theire structures and sience, and the other players have a change to keep the ingame army balance more balanced.

    and when a player gets to much negative controll in/on a server others can do a combined attack on that player to restore the game balance, or they can do that after another server merge.

    in the current example situation, player b and c will never be able to harm or stop player a again.
    1. player a has 30.000 jaguar warriors
    2. player b has 0 jaguar warriors
    3. player c has 0 jaguar warriors

    so i have to agree with mopas, the server merges need a little tweaking. but keep doing merges please couse otherwise the game servers will dei

    all the other things ingame are pretty good balanced

    thats true, but i dont think demolishing-able buildings is a solution. it doesnt solve the problem.
    you will have a couple of months work to destroy all the buildings from the higher lvls.

    result will be that you will be unpopular and after a month, when they all have lvl 1 buildings, you will be here again on the forum with the same problem that all youre concurents have 100 points, and that they dont even have lvl 1 mines.

    result will be that they all quit.

    btw that game exists that you build an villlage and that you can destroy buildings and take over cities but thats a totally different game with a 2 months full reset becouse every month servers reset theire becouse everyone quits

    that was the main reason for me to join the game here.

    personally i have buildings that take 30 days to build, 1 lvl, i would not like to see them lose a lvl

    im already shocked that a wall is breakdownable

    first you have to accept that you have become to strong for youre server,

    i think you have only 3 options,

    option 1 the natural way, normally when people have become to strong and the game becomes to boring than they quit the game and start playing another, and another worldleader will stand up.

    option 2 the normal way, when people become to strong on theire server they look for a new challenge on another server, they start a new game and start as newbie with a lot of expirience and from a clean sheet.

    option 3 the difficult one, a way not manny players can do, bring youre server back alive, stop attacking people, help people starters, support youre concurents. its like an apple tree, if you get all apples from the tree than theire are no apples to eat anymore. if you care the tree well, theire will be new apples some day.

    you cant blame the creators

    i like the things pinkii wrote its true it totally is. but isnt this the fact in real life aswell?

    what i type below this is not to flame you or blame you or insult you pinkii its a mirror, the way i look to it my vision
    in every game theire is someone the strongest player
    and if you wanna have competition than you have to make competion to give others a way to restore themselfs

    is it fair to blame the game creators that you have a bigg army, you have builded it yourself and you have destoryed their armies, that made others quit, and that made that you have no competition anymore. and why would they invest money and resources in building an army if you visit them on a regular base?

    for example we have china and the vs and Russia that dominate the world peace

    if america wants to dominate the world the only thing they have to do is to land somewhere and attack
    the same is for china or Russia who is able to stop them if they want?

    so i turn the mirror to you pinkii, youre like the vs or china or Russia you are able to defeat all the players on youre server. so isnt it time to get to the next lvl?

    become a peacekeeper, use youre power and domination to keep the world peace, like a navo/nato or eu?

    to keep the game fun for everyone, and as soon as the others have rebuilded theire armies fight fair battles with them.

    you now know how you can buy a world domination, try to do it with no money.

    youre server isnt dead, youre server is on life support, if you give others the change to come back in the game rebuilding theire armies, and use youre armies to keep away bullies that destory other armies/people than the server will come alive again.

    if the server comes alive again, you have it in youre own hands. if you continue the way you play now than it will never come alive again. hard words but its a fact.

    its also for all the other world dominators, you cant blame the game creators for situations like this. it happens in all the mmo's
    world dominators have the duty to controll themselfs

    this game is about building up an army, fighting a way to succes, and know when you have to stop fighting to give everyone air to rebuild and restore in that way you keep the game fun for everyone.

    the only thing the game creators can do is a server merge once in a while and delete all the players units to keep the game more balanced. but nobody wants that i think, i personally think that when a server merge is comming than the units should not be merged.

    today i wanted to complete a quest i work on since a long time
    the task is to upgrade the wall to lvl 13
    i thought thats easy
    so i opened my capital city leeuwarden and i wanted to click on the bonus

    suprise suprise

    but my wall was only lvl 2 in my capital city
    and my watch tower was only lvl 10

    this is so strange im sure my wall was much higher in lvl

    the requirement of being able to build a watchtower is to have the wall lvl 5

    what happend?

    is someone editing my account?
    can someone break down a wall with attacks?

    please can someone investigate

    greetz bert

    ja iedere troop die je maakt is 1 punt waard, dus 34 bowmen zijn evenveel punten als 14 ek's
    gebouwen zijn ook maar een vast aantal punten geloof 14 ofzo, maar dan krijg je nog extra punten voor de resourches die je nog hebt gehad voor de bouw ervan.

    dear M0H0,

    i just came downstairs from doing my homejob when i come back in the kitchen than i hear my wife telling me that her account is banned.

    im still online but im wondering for how long.

    we follow the rules as/by the asked questions above, for a neigbour that afterwards didnt want to play.

    if she did something that wasnt alloud than i appologize in advance.

    but she told me she did noting wrong.

    and i have to believe my wife/if i cant trust my wife than i cant trust nobody :)

    i think a admins made a mistake and should have banned another player how can she reach support?

    or what does she needs to do?

    greetz bert

    a long long time ago i read a forum post

    FAQ - 4. Buildings

    also about skills theire was one simular

    in this post was standing that theire was also a max on the palace with the max of 15 cities.

    i found out that theire is not such a max. and that its going much further than lvl 15.

    i was wondering is the other information right or did much change over time?

    and what are the current caps?

    and are theire also max on bonus or building caps or research caps?

    greetz bert

    Dear sir/maddam,

    I was talking with my neighbour about this game, and it sounds that he liked it. So before he joins "if he joins" than i like to make sure that we dont get in trouble.

    First question, we share ip adresses, when we play at our job, we have at home both our own internet connection ip adres. Does this give problems?

    2nd question, we like some competition may we attack eachother for example or join the same guild or may we protect support eachother or must there be a certain amount of distance between us?

    3rd question, may he start on every server and does that mean we will be on the same server after the server merge?

    4rd question, we will wait for youre answer first before we make one is it an open server? the server merge will be in a couple of days, can he join the server at any time? or is it a locked server?

    5th question, a personal one, what will be the name of this merged new server? what link does he en/or me need to use to get in connection to the server?

    thanks in advance