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    The losses you incurr go down the bigger your troop is, while the resources available to plunder remain constant. That means if a barbarian village looks unprofitable to you today, you can invest in growing your army aggresively and you'll tip the scales eventually. You could try reaching out to more experienced players for tips, since many have mastered this ;)

    Hello Ahaus!

    We are rolling out a bugfix that addresses issues with troops getting stuck in Tambo, unable to be recalled back even though they are not traveling. This happened infrequently, but some of the most experienced players of you came across it from time to time; these issues should finally be gone once this update arrives.

    The roll out starts today and should be available to all servers during the course of the next few days.


    Your Tentlan Team

    En México tenemos disponibles las tarjetas de prepago paysafecard que se pueden encontrar en establecimientos como gasolineras o quioscos; que quizá sea lo más parecido a lo que buscas. Existe también la opción de pago en efectivo via OXXO a traves de un recibo. Pagos con celular tuvimos en su momento pero están desactivados debido a problemas con el procesador de pago responsable; no descartamos reactivarlos en el futuro.

    Saludos Ahaus!

    2020 ha resultado ser un año difícil, y por delante tenemos aún unas Navidades atípicas, pero con todo lo que ocurre en el mundo, puedes por lo menos contar con que Tentlan estará a tu lado. Si Tentlan ha hecho este año un poquito mejor para ti, entonces sinceramente nos alegramos :)

    Como es tradición, y para que puedas pasar estas fechas con tus seres queridos sin preocuparte de ser saqueado, este año traemos de nuevo unos días de alto al fuego en todos los servidores donde desactivaremos ataques y espionaje para todos. La protección se aplicará en las siguientes fechas:

    • Del 24.12 18:00 (CET) al 26.12 18:00 (CET)
    • Del 31.12 18:00 (CET) al 01.01 18:00 (CET)

    Los poblados bárbaros estarán exentos de esta regla claro, y todo lo demás continuará funcionando como siempre. Esperamos que esta medida ayude a disfrutar un poco más estas navidades.

    Sea como sea que celebres este año, desde todo el equipo de Tentlan, os deseamos unas felices navidades y prospero año nuevo; piensa siempre en positivo y e intenta apreciar las pequeñas cosas buenas de la vida

    2021 allá vamos!

    Vuestro equipo de Tentlan

    Dear Ahaus,

    2020 has been a challenging year, and today we face a Christmas unlike no other in recent times, but through these ups and downs in the world, you can at least rest assured that Tentlan will be by your side. We can only hope that playing Tentlan has made this year a little bit sweeter to you :)

    We will, as is our little tradition, give you a small break to enjoy this special time of the year with your loved ones without worrying about being attacked and losing your precious army and resources. On the following dates, attacks and espionage will be disabled for everyone in all servers:

    • From 24.12 18:00 (CET) to 26.12 18:00 (CET)
    • From 31.12 18:00 (CET) to 01.01 18:00 (CET)

    Barbarian villages will of course be extempt of this rule, and everything else will function as normal. We hope this measure will let everyone have an enjoyable time these holidays.

    However your celebrate this year, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the whole team; stay positive, and try to appreciate the little good things in life :)

    Onward to 2021!

    Your Tentlan Team

    Dear Ahaus,

    A new chance for peaceful conquest arrives to Tentlan! This Wednesday, December 16th 14:00 CET, the new international peace server Loltun will start! Peace servers feature more protection, less attacks, full recovery after battles, increased speed and more, making it easier to survive and thrive. You will still need to be a good strategist to raise to the top, however ;) The complete list of features is as follows:

    • Quad speed server, build, research, recruit and travel at four times the usual speed.
    • The strong player protection will activate in differences of 2x points or more (instead of the usual 5x).
    • When an opponent stronger than you defeats your city, said city will always be protected for 12 hours from this opponent (as opposed to applying only when the score difference is of 25% or greater).
    • 100% survival rate, all units defeated in battle will survive and be sent to the Itzamna Temple in all cases (as opposed to the usual 8-15% survival rate).
    • Buildings and researches will grant twice the usual amount of points.

    Loltun arrives next Wednesday 16th at 14:00 CET. Good luck everyone! We hope you'll enjoy what you'll find. As always, don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

    Your Tentlan Team

    Hey Veronica, if you still have trouble completing this mission reach out to our support team here describing what happened and including your player name and your server (where you play), and then we'll be able to lend a hand.

    To our knowledge there is no glitch. If you place an order to recruit units that exceeds what you can recruit, then the max amount that can be recruited will be recruited and the order will finish after that. E.g. if you order 500 Atlatl Hunters but your resources can only recruit up to 42, then 42 Atlatl Hunters will be recruited and then the order will stop. Does this help? If you still believe there's a glitch, you can reach out to support here where our support team can take a look at the specifics of what happened and figure out if there's a problem.