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    I would certainly not have had that much patience!

    Is it possible to know time the truce ends on Izapa please?

    Podemos saber cuando la tregau se terminará en Izapa por favor?

    Serait-il possible de savoir quand exactement la trève s'achève sur Izapa svp?

    Oh I'm quite happy to join an international server. Even though I had been preparing my accounts on different servers to be merged together, I'm looking forward to the challenge. What I regret is that the merges happened on the same week-end for two communities (French and Spanish), forcing a good many players to abandon one of the two merged servers.


    J'aimerais suggérer une amélioration au niveau du classement. A l'heure actuelle, à part sur le serveur de guerre, les combats ne rapportent aucun point. Je trouve cela dommage, et en même temps très bien. Pour ne pas fausser le score d'un joueur comme c'est le cas sur le serveur de guerre où les scores ne veulent absolument plus rien dire, je vous propose d'établir une deuxième colonne dans le classement; laquelle reprendrait uniquement le total de points abattus par le joueur. je parle bien sûr de pvp, pas des barbares.

    Aussi, il serait intéressant de pouvoir consulter le classement d'un serveur directement sur le forum. Cela éviterait de devoir créer un compte sur un serveur étranger juste pour y consulter le classement (utile pour les fusions, et pour permettre de suivre l'évolution de ses amis sur d'autres serveurs).


    I think it would be nice if the rankings from each server were displayed somewhere. Prior to the merges, I had to create an account on every server that were going to merge with mine in order to have a look at the rankings overthere. A link on the forum would have been so much simpler.

    It would also enable people to keep track of their friends evolution on server they're not playing.

    I'm sure I could find a dozen other good reasons for such a function.

    Also concerning rankings, I think the game lacks a battle ranking chart. There should be, apart from every player's score, a way to keep track of the player's kills. I'm not mentioning barbarians, of course. I mean player vs player.

    This could go even further, and rankings displayed on the forum could engulf all servers, linking a pseudonym to his e-mail adress (without displaying the adress of course) to calculate his score and kills on every server he/she's playing, and the total for all servers.

    Hey there,

    Merging servers is a way to give them a new breath, to renew the dying interest players are loosing when a server is reaching its end. At least, that's the way I understand it.

    Unfortunately, the merges that are currently being undertaken are having a perverted effect on part of the community. Most players play on more than one server, and merging fr6 and fr7 at only a day of interval is forcing many a player to make a choice. Most will not continue playing on both, due to the stress such a merge is inflicting, and the screentime it is going to require. Already a number of players have announced their departure and given away their troops.
    Bottom line is: both servers will loose part of their best players.

    I wonder if the Spanish community is having the same kind of trouble.

    I forcefully regret that this hapenned, and I hope support is going to grasp the extent of that mistake and will not make it again.


    It's better now, though I haven't tried any huge hassle to test it. At that time 5 spy missions on a target town were enough to start causing problems. Now the server can withstandthat much.

    yes the server can overheat. A whole tribe once sent multiple attacks and spys at the same time. Several players sent 10 missions from every town they had to the same target. The result was that the guy targeted could not use any function of the game. His account overheated, as you said. He was not able to open his troops window, or do ANYTHING at all. All he had was red dots on the bottom of his screen, and connexion failure messages. So he was unable to move his army out of town, even though he was connected. I think that's what created this rule in the first place.

    Of course it's a war game. And every player has the right to be able to use all features provided by the game. We are not talking about strategical choices in the game, we are talking about running the program.

    You still don't get it. What you are not allowed to do is make the game impossible to play physically. If your target cannot push his troops button because his system is not working due to 280 incoming attacks, that's cheating.

    Making another player's clicking unresponsive is what's not allowed.

    Have happy hours disappeared from the game? I've been waiting for one for some time now, but it might be that I missed it. Beforehand warning on the forum would be most welcome, or maybe a precise time set in advance. I mean... in the pub it's written on the board: EVERY FRIDAY 21 TO 22 HAPPY HOUR!! Please don't pick friday night for yours, the choice would be so hard :saint: .

    Now something else entirely. The game is getting older, and accelerations are out of the question due to prices that are just... well I can't find a word to describe them... even gigantic seems so smallishly inappropriate. Maybe prices should evolve with the age of the server or the level of the player?

    Je crois que le modo et le support se les grattent en fait. Pas de présence de la modération. Pour preuve: le post du gars qui vend ses cartes n'a toujours pas été supprimé, un mois après sa parution.

    Il serait à mon sens, bien plus pratique d'ajouter aux notifications la ville concernée ainsi qu'un lien vers cette ville.

    Pour le moment, si un bâtiment se complète dans une ville X ou Y alors que mon interface est actuellement dans la ville A, cliquer sur la notification ouvrira le bâtiment concerné dans la ville A, chose qui n'a absolument aucun intérêt.

    J'étais en train de monter une série d'attaques à ce moment-là. Avec toutes les erreurs et les gros lags, certaines attaques sont parties deux, trois, voire même 5 fois pour l'une d'entre elles, alors que d'autres ne sont pas parties du tout. Quand je cliquais sur "Envoyer", un message rouge apparaissait systématiquement, et impossible de vérifier via la mini-fenêtre d'activité si l'attaque était partie, car celle-ci refusait tout bonnement de s'ouvrir. Parfois l'ordre était passé malgré l'erreur, et parfois pas. Cela a duré plus de quarante minutes!