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    And it's time to ask again is there any news or something you can share with us about the "Large Project" M0H0 :?: It's been more than 20 months since you announced it:!::!: ?(:rolleyes:?(

    Is this the so called "Large project" Development Update - December 2021 ?

    More than a year, and only 2 photos to share and some news about mobile app in development seriously, nothing about browser users. With this speed of development I was right ot ask you several months ago (did you mean "think years not months" ?).

    Its very disappointing

    Still working on it. Think months, not weeks.

    They already pass several months since you announced it, and i think you guys are developing it long befor you mention it, and thats why i'm asking did you mean "think years not months" ?

    With this upcoming patch that will arrive in all servers within the next few days, we bring you a series of small but important improvements that we think will make the worldmap better:

    • Worldmap has been rewritten to be more efficient, significantly faster and more responsive. Loading and moving around the map will be faster and smoother, specially noticable in low powered devices.
    • Touch screens will now be supported natively (no more getting stuck while playing on an iPad).
    • Zoom in the worldmap will now be supported natively via the mouse wheel (or finger gestures on touch screens).

    This work was done as a part of a larger project that we are working on, but we decided to release this now since we think you'd appreciate it. The patch will start rolling out today and will be made available to everyone over the course of the next few days. We look forward to your feedback, please let us know what you think, or if you encounter any issues or bugs, we'll be listening.

    What happened with this so called "Large Project" ?(?(?(

    We can't always please everyone, but we hear your pain. When we decide which servers get to merge, the primary factor we look at is how well particular servers match with one another, based on a variety of data points such as highscore, troop sizes, etc. The unfortunate side effect of doing it this way is that not all servers have always good matches with other servers. People generally don't enjoy merges between unmatched servers, so we try to avoid that. But it does mean that not everyone who wants a merge gets one, which we also understand is not ideal.

    When you merge the servers to INTM27 one of the merged servers had playesr 3 times bigger from other servers (points and army). What you are saying here is a lame excuse !!!

    This is not private conversation between me and M0H0, its a copy from another thread.

    If you're looking for an intrigue, believe me, you will not find it

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    I mean i can drop my points any time i want 12k jaguars are 5m poitns i can drop my points to 50 mil. and again there will be no one who can stand infront of me. Yes most of the active playes are 5+m. points.
    But i think the topic of this thread is pushing not abot the players points or army

    The fight…15EDE5A278B67E9427938687A
    The cocoa i needed to cure my units
    70% of this army belonged to my tribe.
    The fight was on 12.07.2017 and the merge was on 10.08.2017 (28 days)
    During this 28 days my tribe send me a lot of cocoa but they continued to make army
    2 days befor the merge i was banned with reason pushing, But the true reason was balansing because i was with 73 milion points and the biggest player from the other 4 servers was 34 milion points.
    With this army + jumping with my city i can massacre the entire new formed server and a lot of players will quit the game (probably 75% or more) and losing 75% of the server population means losing a lot of money for lionmoon. I don't want to be disrespectful but this is the pure truth.

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    как играть в тентлан с телефона полноценно ? (при открытие карты мира на ней нереально ничего выбрать для атаки или защиты или ресы передать, просто не реагирует не 1 вражеский город)

    puffin browser

    Are you kidding me right now ? Both Bulgarian servers have a total of 120-130 users max and you are opening a new one instead of merging them!!! Seriously /facepalm