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    in 3 cities I make jaguars. I'm paying for extra resource and sometimes to reduce resources for an army! so explain to me how many armies I brew. 1 cat I earn for 5 minutes! and it costs me: http: // so no shit please!

    beliata just shut up you talk crap...

    you really think we have 2 believe that people can raise 4-5million pionts in 5 days??? just by making upgrades and units???
    prophet sisi dani...

    you obviously do not know how to play! and the fact that you shot when I gave the army to beat some other barbarians is not my problem! if you want, I'll shoot you with what army I am! and I will not shut up because you are wrong!

    An option must be made: The gift to be given to the one in which the army is in the tambo. Otherwise there are 2-3 courses for the army to go into the tambo and after 2 battles to return to not lose the resource! And if the person is 2 hours away? These are 4 hours for just 2 battles !!! Are we not at work? Do not we sleep ????????

    And the other thing that interests me is what happens to the resource that is more. 90 000 shamans + 90 000 kippokamakok + 9 000 cats bring resources for: Maximum load: 6 804 000. 5 battles of barbarians with a load: 9 556 7 55 limestone; 10 087 680 obsidian and 4 895 850 cocoa! This is only in Astrology 12, and there are people with 14 - 15!

    @beliata if you have a common army for the whole tribe, and are not sure who contributed how much, you should simply find a way to split the army between everyone in the tribe contributing to it. How you distribute it is something that you should discuss with your tribe colleagues, but you could simply opt to split it evenly between everyone.

    Well. Then I have another question. As an army of 9 barbarians will be sent into a tambourine, and the resource will take the one to which it is the army. Will a sanction be that we are transferring the resource to the one who was the barbarians?

    The idea of the tambo to see and announce the attacks is very good. You must when one of the tribe attacks and others see it so they can come to help!

    Listen what I will tell you! 1st this is not our problem ... 2nd ... given that they take drastic measures to block accounts ... you will excuse me but there is no way to get it! It hurts me light how many army should come back to me ... I can and myself ... the question is the following ... when they take such measures and changes ... I have to give something on the other side ... like this LIST example.Your proposal is good, but it is definitely not thought out! I stop talking to you very much :) Easy and successful evening I wish you! :)And if you are not your admin ... and you give ONE ANSWER ... do not be insistent and nasty! :)))))))))))

    Given that we are a tribe and play together ... our army is common! What does it matter who gave what we did when we beat barbarians together? And now we have to fight in the tambo and carry the resource! That's stupid! And not only with an army, we also help with resources. Is not it for the tribe ?????? Or I'm wrong????????????