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    I don't mind the inactive players being on the highscore list. I tend to check them out anyway to see if any resources are left and have had some good hauls in the past. My suggestion, is that for the Tribe Highscores to be accurate, the inactive players (unless they are on vacation mode) be automatically removed from the tribe.

    Yes, please!!! Especially to the part about being able to ignore specific people in global chat. Possibly tie it into the blocking feature? So that once you block a person from being able to contact you, you can't see anything they post anywhere? Reporting the rude and profane players is great, but they only get banned from global chat for so long and when they come back they start all over again. I would love the option to block what I see from those players permanently!!

    Really hope this can be added in some way.


    That one is the only one with a definite ending/restart point.

    Other worlds will merge together when the activity becomes too low in some of them.

    According to the forum when they announced the opening of Tenochtitlan,

    Rounds in this server will last 5 months each: this first round will be reset in October.

    So not so much that the server is ending, but everything will be reset and you will have to start over? I'm not 100% sure as I don't play that server and am not sure exactly what the devs have in mind.