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    I strongly disagree with this proposal. It is the only truly unique feature of a server that you can see the history of who played and where their cities were. It creates a sense of story and there is no reason for removing them.

    I hope you don't consider this proposal!

    To make a counter proposal, you could add more "historic" features on the map. If a big battle has taken place, you could place monuments on the map to honor who took place in the battle and show the troops that were killed. It would add a lot of atmosphere to the game.

    I'm still fighting the cheating lying Suici tribe who spends a lot of money on this game but has no skill. They have members with double my score who has lower research and buildings than me but 10 times more troops..... and funny enough they didn't have that a few days before the servers merged...

    I don't see the point of allowing losers like these Latin players to continue killing servers, when they just spend cash to do it. No skills, just cash. Losers.

    We've been looking at this but there's an easier explanation than bots or cheats for what you're seeing: have you guys considered that you may have a mole in your tribe that is betraying your online times? That would explain why the moment you pulled your troops they attacked; every action you take updates your "last time online" in the tribe. Try hiding your online times (there's a setting for this in the tribe page) and see if the "cheats" persist.

    Obviously we don't show our online status except to a few trusted members. M0H0 if you think that is the problem, then you have been fooled as well. Sorry that's the honest truth.

    Que verguenza esta gente que se queja, es increible, no puede ni siquiera imaginar porque es mas conveniente ir con tropa ajena a una colmena que con la propia, pero les doy una clave para que piensen... MAIZ. Piensen en vez de quejarse!!!
    Siguen con lo mismo y ayer mientras los ataque les hablaba en el chat general para que entendieran que soy de carne y hueso.
    Los ataco siempre que me atacan y luego salen al chat a hablar pavadas y en distintos horarios, son descuidados con sus recursos y sus tropas, las dejan tiradas, haganse cargo de los errores.
    Investiguen lo que quieran, pero por mas que les pese, fui yo de carne y hueso quien los ataco.
    Ayer un jugador de su tribu pone bandera blanca, por lo cual fui a atacar a otros jugadores, en un momento por una provocacion en el chat ese jugador ataca a uno de mi tribu mientras aun yo estaba en su colmena, sin tener en cuenta que al atacar pierde la bandera blanca, cuando veo eso, inmediatamente voy a la ciudad cercana y lo ataco y que pasa? le mato tropas y le robo 229 amazonas, a quien se le ocurre ser TAN TORPE de dejar las amazonas donde estoy atacando y de poner bandera blanca y levantarla mientras ataco??????? Solo alguien que NO SABE JUGAR!!!!

    Who cares about amazons? They are the most useless troop in the game. Your nonsense gibberish just shows that you are a bird without a head.

    The only reason why you wouldn't be able to reuse your name is if someone else has already taken it on the new server.

    Here is a list of suggestions that would help with these problems:

    1) Make it possible to reduce travel with turq. When you have already sent your troops you should be able to spend turq to reduce travel time. This will make it easier to coordinate several walks, and help avoid attacks timed with nahuals.

    2) Only build cities some distance away from other tribes. This would prevent the strategy where some tribes place low lvl cities close to other tribe's hives and hit them with troops from their own high lvl players.

    3) Make all killed troops go automatically to Itzna Temple. This would keep many players playing after they got killed.

    4) Write a better guide about how to avoid attacks. Many players simply don't know how to stay alive in this game, even when they have been playing for years. Some ppl just start on new servers every time they are killed. You could perhaps even make a tutorial about defense.

    5) Make it possible to research better survival rates when you are killed.

    6) Remove flags from ppl's profiles on the international servers. It is way too easy to guess when ppl are sleeping when you can see what country they are in.

    7) Make it possible to slow down enemy attacks using either research, buildings or some new unit. This would give you better time to coordinate your defense or escape. Speed kills ;)

    Natyska you posted your GREAT strategic battles on the previous page. It consisted of borrowing several thousand jags from someone else to kill some small troops and a few jags! HAHAHA what a great warrior you are!! Im sure you have earned a golden star and a happy face from Momma Ramos :D

    The biggest disadvantage you can have in this game is being on a dead server. No merge can be worse as long as you communicate clearly the rules for who gets merged and when. The frustration ppl show on this forum is in large part due to a lack of communication from you about the merges.

    Autre question ?????? pourquoi on ne voit plus la nationalité des joueurs ??????

    I don't understand everything you wrote, but I think it is a very bad idea to be able to see the nationality of other players. The best time to attack a player is right before they wake up, and knowing the nationality of someone makes it very easy to figure this out. It removes a great strategic aspect of the game, when you can just get this information for free.

    There are options to resolve that. We can't say which or when do servers get merged in advance, but in general we don't say no to a merge for any one particular server, even if it has special settings.

    That's basically what I said ;)

    The reason you see them have "vacation" on all the time is that they log back into the game every 15 days and reactivate the vacation. In that way you can stay in vacation mode forever for free.

    rikimaru: On Balamku, nr 2 tribe has only 26 million and nr 1 tribe is more than 100 million ahead. We have 16 of the top 20 spots and the ones we dont have is inactive or on permanent holiday. There is nothing to do here.

    so does it means if the target doesnt have shaman or poloms in that case, amazon are useless?

    I guess you mean Shaman and Quipucamayoc, in which case you are correct.

    Other ppl may disagree but I find them completely useless. I have never had any real benefit of the 350 Amazons I have sitting around (and I only have those because I have taken them from others. I never recruited one myself. Nahuals are much more useful).

    Spy the camp and open the spy report, then click "load in battle simulator". After that you can double click on attacker to load your own troops in.