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    For a very simple reason someone had to be in tambo having at least 1,677,567 points, in this case, the weaker player in the system is stronger for the attacker

    @Duracellkonijn as said @beliata

    you obviously do not know how to play!

    Support is a normal part of this game, It is important that the troops return later to the owners, and in the combined attacks it is not surprising, suggests start playing on another server and see what the game is before you start commenting.

    Amazon, I also have this problem, I got the information that you need to write to the support and the units that we do not own will be removed by the support from our account, I do not intend to send troops to which my people sacrificed time and raw materials and they were OWNERS, therefore I do not understand what The law of support prohibits the owner of the army to hand over the army after the end of the game, especially if it is in the tribe, I expect the ban even though I have a army of one player whom I supported as he started and from which I got troops as he finished, people like us is much more I'm looking forward to the development of the situation, the end of the two-year adventure with tentlan, as I understand it, but I do not understand banning after such a time, the law does not work backwards, so from 12.09 should make changes and the current state of things to keep

    1. The Signaling Tower has to be activated manually, let's say that someone sends you an attack with 5 lancers, and after the attack comes he send another but with a large army, then you have the ability to choose which attack your tribe will see.
    2. The next attack sent after activation of the tower will not be seen by allies, But if there are several attacks before activation of the tower, the members of the tribe will see them
    3. There will be no possibility of blocking, it is to be on your own choosing who you inform and who can help you
    4. The requirements are exemplary, what would they set the creators, I have given examples that could be

    The tower is only a little easier, so every attack must have been done by one person at the time chosen by that person. :)

    I think the wall will not be required, but the watchtower as possible

    Well then 50% of people on the server will get banned, because they can not give the person who handed them to the army for any other reason, and the loss of troops in the tribe will be equal to the weakening, for me it does not matter I received an army weaker than mine but formed Over 30% of my score,

    an army of three people for his level is not a great scenario either.

    And what if an army divided into two three parts? Would it be okay?

    For example, if one person gets three armies and distributes them, leaving the third part of each of them, and the other parts giving out to other members of the tribe, is it okay?

    I told you to write to the administration what you should do :) you will surely get information, for example, "divide the army to equal" or something like that, maybe the administration will give something with this change. . . I also wish you a nice evening;) Instead of pissing on the upcoming changes, Think what they are causing, I do not know how often you look at the forum, but recently there have been a lot of topics about unfair shipment of troops or raw materials I suppose the support team has received many more e-mails, so they have to do something about it.

    Of course, my proposal is to improve, after all, it's just a suggestion, :) If it would interest the topic, I could expand the thread :)

    I can see that you do not know what you're talking about, I was attacked in such a way and the opponent never reached anything, you know why? Because my army does not stand still for a minute in the city, and the cities I have arranged so that each of them to the main city I have 5 min polom, In addition, I have a high level of corn in every city so that the enemy does not know where the army is,
    Even if he catch me nahual, he will not be able to do anything because I will just change the city after his attack from which at most he will get raw materials

    And why should the administration have to do more work themselves because you have created one army ?? This is your problem, and as you do not know how to divide an army you can always send a query to support

    That is the problem, you attacked the stronger barbarians than you would have been able to attack yourself, you exchanged armies and formed one common, so weaker tribes even gathering, It would have been a problem to attack you, because the whole army was at one person, now if you do not develop enough tambo then you will not have such possibility, so the weaker will also be able to do something

    The transmission of raw materials is also a problem because you can always support one person who, for example, raised the spying to a very high level, or something else, in such a way that these people have gained no advantage, now everyone has to take care of their own, and it is fair.

    You just have to always expect an attack, and you will not be surprised by the city that appears next, As someone pays for moving the city, I do not see in this problem, his money his business, in each game you have the opportunity to gain advantage by paying for the game

    But in transferring units I see, because for which one person pays for bonuses and the rest can use them?

    Vichkov, In my opinion, turquoise sales will increase, because there will be no way to share bonuses, people who farm others will still do it (by tambo too)

    Will the number of players fall ??. . . I also doubt, On each server there is a group of old players and most new players who will not know what was before, so for them nothing lost

    After all, this situation also gives more chances for weaker players and smaller tribes, because I rather do not want to believe that someone will raise tambo up to 30-50 level, Costs for level 14 are not small and the costs to the higher levels do not want to think

    It will take into account the certain size of the army you received, You should write to support what you should do, I did so because I received the army from the player who finished the game

    This change will inevitably involve cheating in the game (so think) Military theft, Multi account, Develop one account for example lead
    And is intended to provide a level playing field, Note that when you hand over troops to another player you have all the bonuses: Fire, 100% Healing, Strength and Stamina, Stella, Temazacl, Pyramid of Dwarf, Also include your troops, In tambo it will not be so if you are going to get tribal action, then all players will have to run the bonus, they will have to build the buildings at the right level

    Thanks to that the gameplay will lengthen and the servers may not last for 2-3 months or longer