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    How does that work? because in my tribes mates case.. She adds several things in building lines and in the morning she may have 60k points less than she had 8 hours ago. So new buildings, techs and troops.. equal less points because delay?

    I hear way too often that earned points are lost. We really need a change to calculate points that we have.. and see if the current points are correct. Im certain many are ready to help with this. If its a bug... it has to be corrected. For some.. ranking is the reason they play

    Im curious if anyone has table that shows how many points does every building lvl create. If its possible to count how many points you should have. Right now one of my largest tribe mates is leaving because she and others are loosin points for "no reason". We cant really figure out why she may have certain amount of points when she goes to sleep and significantly less when she comes back. its not wierd for her to see thousands of points just go puff.. But we dont know why it happens.

    Server that we are playing is edzna. So buildings and techs give extra points. Also there is no way to lose army. So loosing units isint the reason.

    I know that spent resources are main source of highscore points.. But what about population?. If you lose population.. do you still lose points.

    if you are under attack and thats why you want to move. Then little tip. Change town name to 2 letters and not next to your capital. Before you change go to holiday or 3 days peace mode. So your enemy wont have links to your towns.

    I dont have to even check your server to figure out that its victim of poor balance in game. You could also add picture of player rankings. So we can really see how top 10 players are build. In time difference between players will just go bigger. Difference between Edzna and Lamanai is working structure of rules. If you really want good server merge. I would urge you to test Edzna. Then you would get understanding what you really want from merged server.

    I can guarantee its not just new faces. When my server fi.mayapan was merged I was happy about a month or 2.. So much to learn. Obstacles to clear. Then as time passed on. Things railed back to normal and difference in point grew as units were slain. Now that server needs new merge again.. Sssh.. I quit.. Now im in Edzna. It works.. its not perfect.. but it works.

    map display isint that trustworthy. It can show different points with different towns. Also sometimes it feels like points drop when you build diplomacy. Which is cost saving tech. I have not bothered to chech for sure. But it could also be my imagination

    In a way I could understand spears switch sides, but this is getting down right silly. To some people this could be seen as unfair even. Building eagles is REALLY hard work. Now bigger tribe just comes and cleans them up. I really hope you wont do this event in jaguars or bigger units. It would really mess up the game.

    Hope not. That would be insane amount of daily routine work. Collecting res without turquoise is already insane when you have +10 towns. One of the reasons why I quit in my old main server. Even when I did have top 1 account. Its just too.. boring and taxing.

    One might wonder what have you done if you have 280 incoming attacks in this game. That is not just something that happens by one bad individual.

    You still don't get it.

    You are right.. I dont. Thats why I hope to clarify things for myself. Since as I understand this is suppose to be a war game. Not build your market in peace game.

    Sending fakes is permitted, spamming a player with fakes non-stop is not.

    Where is the problem with sending constant fakes. Is it like Monce said. Some turquoise features cannot be used because of this.. Meaning you cant run away from attacks. Or could server "overheat" making account unusable. What happens on other side of that account that is attacked?

    also dont forget when spam atacks to inmobilize threats, some players like to move cities so u spam atacks long hours to prevent move, also, sendibg trops is considering spam?, i mean instead of atack or spy ucan transfer 1 pochteca so u can block that player for using tikal

    Well this is turquoise feature. I personally would put game play/tactics before extra money features. Meaning that they should think about these things and fix them instead of making game restricting rules.

    One way would be that to that town that is being moved by Tikal. All incoming attacks get destination coordinates [??]:[??] and future attacks are disabled until move is done.Move will be done once attacks are either called back or reached their target. All old links should go to old town coordinates.

    And spamming attacks on player is bad because? In normal game this game is incredibly peace loving game.

    • You cant destroy anything else than wall level to level 1
    • You cant take all res people have
    • With cave you can hide large enough sums to hide enough res to keep building ques up for some time.
    • Market can hide extra res as grain
    • Grain cannot be stolen

    Right now loosing all the troops is really the thing that sends people packing. Army building takes months and that work is lost in minutes. Since attack speeds are just ridiculous. Also since in battle bigger is better. There really is only 1 army that is good. Rest will get knocked down one by one.

    Now what about fakes. Continues fakes add pressure to enemy tribe. Making them spread armies or lose res rapidly. Fact is that you are taking away from smaller players. If continuous fakes are not allowed. You are favoring big hammers. Now sure watch tower can render these 2 man attacks useless. But I dont really understand why this isint allowed.