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    Speed server doesn't inherently make it more war or building friendly. Rewarding level of activity not only is ok, but should be done. Dedication to the game should be what matters. Rewarding only brute force and willingness to bully the little guy should not be rewarded, and it seems this ruleset cuts down on the rewards for bullies.

    And when they bully bigger dude its ok. Besides attacking and farming isint bullying in my books. I have been in recieving end.

    Builders point boost for buildings works against them. These people do not build troops 24/7 like warriors do. This means builders grow much faster as warrior minded people. Meaning they become larger and warrior who farms them is most likely smaller player. On top of that when you lose units. YOU dont lose points like in normal server. Since awhile they are in hospital. They still count in high score.

    Also building troops in Itzamna Temple is actually slow and expensive too. There is no instant healing there. So in 12h you wont recover from hits you take.

    Last but not least. This is high activity server. Its speed server. If you arent online enough. You will fall behind and someone will feed on you and attacks come in fast. Much faster than normal.

    Ah, but what this is doing is evening out the building and war sides and maybe even tilting it in favor of building a little bit.

    Well no. Sure this changes a lot of things, but game is still the same. If anything heavy builders will take biggest hits here. Calling this peace server isint really true. People who want to fight will always find a way.

    Now this is interesting.

    • 100% survival rate, all units defeated in battle will survive and be sent to the Itzamna Temple in all cases (as opposed to the usual 8-15% survival rate)
    • Troop transfer (gifting) is disabled for all (expect between your own cities), collaborative attacks or defense can still be arranged via Tambo as usual.

    Awhile I understand peace server having 100% survival rate and I see it most positive that you are testing this. I would hope that if something like this is added to normal servers. Its more like 65% or 35%. Sizable rise would still make it easier to recover from attacks. For many its the end when months of army building ends having only 10% what you originally had and you have to pay /heal to get them.

    Gifting troops.. Now there you have listened community well.. Much praises from me :love:

    • Buildings and researches will grant twice the usual amount of points

    This should make high score much more interesting to follow.

    Overal I see lot of positive things here :love: Thanks.. I consider joining just to be able give feed back

    and another wish from my side to evolve this game would be that "tribe buildings" entered the game.... so there where more in the tribe gaming of tentlan.... A tribe temple or capital can be build so members from the tribe would gain benefits through tribe buildings research and other buildings... it makes alot of more responsabilities for the members and also keeps them interested in the game....

    Awhile I could agree on that we need more buildings or at least ability to chose between multible buildings in some cases.
    Im still not so big on idea having tribe buildings. Tribes need more meat on their bones,
    but this seems little messy. And that is just my opinion.

    Thing is that I actually see this beneficial to multi accounts that can just spam tribes to vote one of their accounts. Then make rules that fit their strategy.

    We just had discussion about this in tribe page. That might be your intention. Still right now in my tribe we have seen that poloms need q/s support as well.

    So here is the proof. With no poloms you have 4.000 military units. To give them 30% bonus. You need 40.000 Quipucamayoc. Still with them I only get 26%. Thats because 500 poloms. On other hand I do have 45.000 shamans and I do get 30% max bonus with them. So that means Poloms do count as military units. Unless you consider this bug and you fix it.

    I have faith on you. It has taken many years for some games to get to the point they are now. Its same for this one. Crop changing was really good signal for the future. Even if I thought it wasent best interest for this game.

    Anyways I and some of us still have faith, hopes and dreams for the better future of tentlan.

    I would prefer if.... the transfer of units between any accounts would not be possible... especially between accounts that is not in same tribe.. (it gives no sense)... and IF there should be any transfers allowed... it should only be with the Poloms and Pochtecas (to be able to aid one who has been wiped out)... not any attacking troops...

    Im all for no transfers. Some type unit selling could work. BUT units have to be higher in cost when buying them and players selling units should not get more res than they use to building them. This means some res has to go waste when "buying" troops. Free transfers kill the game. So no for them

    This would still help with building ques.. that should be enough as an bonus.

    The battle system : I played a game, where i saw a new system...and i must say it was pretty good... gave the game a new dimension...
    A unit had two strenght lvl´s.... one for defence... and one for attack... and the defence strength where higher then attack strength...

    so if 10.000 lancers attacked 10.000 lancers.... the attacker would lose... it made it alot harder to attack and needed alot more strategy for the player....

    An attacking player is always online and a defensiv player can be offline.... so giving a defensive player a benefit is fair for the game....

    Having attack and def strength would be exalent feature for the game, but I really would hope there would be 3 types of units. Def heavy, attack heavy and balanced. Here balanced units are not best for attack or defense.. but can do both jobs fairly well. If we add unit combo bonuses with certain units.. this system would be GOLD!

    Reason for this is that we would gain so much depth in this game that it lacks right now. We would have clear defensive players, attack players and core players. This would also help community to get stronger since strong individual would become more dependent on groups behind them.

    Can I ask what you hope to achieve in terms of battle system and tribe features? What kind of statements need to be true in ideal working system that you are aiming for.. Maybe we could help by tossing few ideas..

    Gifting troops really do hurt this game. I agree with that. On other hand Tambo is great. Yet because it works inside your tribe only. Its not enough for the community as it is.

    Devs have lots of work in tribe and community features.. Army on other hand needs number of soft caps.. Right now army building takes too long. Meaning rebuilding is almost impossible without unreasonable help.

    In Fi Mayapan we had Aktiivit tribe that was made virtually by one player. (1 player 10-14 accounts) 200k hunters 5000 jaguars + other units together in multiple accounts. We managed to kill those. Most of the troops (1/4) was in one account so after killing those all 12 accounts went inactive the same time. To be sure I killed those as they went gray. Just saying that some times we can do things by yourself too.

    If your opponent has 1 level over you then your changes for report decrease a lot. Try to spy with 50-125 spies. If it dosent work. Then so be it. Try another day. Luck may be on your side then. But building one more spy level would be obvious help. 4 more and report is more certain.

    Personally I think spying sucks in this game. Devs should re think this and improve the existing one.