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    Nahuals...eagle warriors...damn that sounds nice. I've only gotten up to atlatl hunters XD

    Well, my spies all died...I guess at least that tells me my opponent doesn't even have a wall which means I could probably take the risk and just go straight to attacking him. I have about 20k pts to his 6k (and before anyone jumps down my throat for going after someone so much lower, I play the building aspect much more heavily, so I could have several thousand points on somebody with the same exact army. I'm not out to bully, here)

    You are wrong to assume that. It only means there is troops. It dosent say how many or what type. If there is wall and troops then you will fight against wall and troops that are there are killing your troops. As an fighting unit spies are so weak they lose even to poloms. Spies are weakest unit in game.

    I saw in the FAQ and guides that your spies will fail if your Espionage level is too much lower than the target's, or if you send too many spies. Yet, sending more spies is also the way to compensate for a large difference in Espionage level.

    I tried to spy someone of a much lower score than me, but failed. They spied me back, and succeeded. How do I know whether this is because they've put extra into espionage or if I sent too many spies?

    More in general, if someone's espionage is high enough, can they spy without being notified until after the fact? That is: I know the target of espionage always receives a notification once they've been spied, but if I actually see the spy troops moving, does that mean their espionage is low or do you see them no matter what?

    Most important thing is spy tech level. If you have 4 level advantage over your opponent then its highly unlikely that you will ever lose. This means that if you have 27 and opponent has 25. Then other factors start to play bigger role. But as soon you build 28 or 29 level spy tech. You will lose about 1/100 sent spy missions. You could even send 1 spy with entire army and.. even then you are not likely to get noticed.

    When spying its also fruitful to spy targets other villages. You might get partial report. Telling his spy level. Then you know what to aim for. If you happen to know his army is moving.. Send few nahuals to get the estimate.

    As for it coming to a battle in the case of the spies being intercepted, does this happen automatically or do I have to see the spies in my activity window and actively start the fight?

    Battle will always occur if spies fail. Usually this means spy's die or they fight against wall and tie. If how ever you win. You will get spy report too. So even if you dont have that good spying tech. You could send spies to support village and with them eagle warriors/archers or what ever you can afford to lose. And you might win against 1k lancers and what ever support units are in guard.

    Im suggesting 400 eagles+50 spies. Because eagles have some speed. 100 jaguars are fine too if you are big enough yourself. :D

    Personally Im going to pass. I am more of an all for the glory of alliance type of player. This server is more about individual glory to my opinion. Fast pace and speed also dosent appeal and those favor more activity than planing. I dont have the needed time for speed server either. Anyways.. best of luck to everyone.

    If this is done about 2 months from now.. or little less and its announced early. Why not. Still in FI server and SWE server there seems to be 20 or so active players. NOR less than 10. Handful of those are +5mill accounts. Meaning that about 1-2 months after merge. There wont be more than 10 active players in merged server. And so.. problem isint solved.

    I would like to know what "regions" hold inside. But I assume its cardinal directions and center. If players could chose where to log in. Maybe this would give some time to server really pick things up. It should also work in away that players cannot build/move village outside their capital village region.

    But straight forward server merge could lead up to be to be attempt for mouth to mouth.. not enough players in these 3 servers..

    I dont mind server merge.. But I dont see it to be solution to anything. Im just as happy with national servers.

    1. Battle system needs clear Paper, rock & Scissors structure and army size needs something to hold it back. So 10:1 beginner protection works. (more battle specific bonuses could fix this. (attack, defense, first strike, natural enemy) Without doing too large changes.)

    2. Spying needs to be more accessible for defenders. Right now High spy tech rules the land. Thats no fair for 20million point tribe with 17 members when 10 million account is hammering them down. Even if they collect all the troops in one place. Attacker will win or avoid that place. Long time result is 17 lost players.

    3. Tribes need more substance.. Investing on tribe system will build the game. Better it is. More people get attracted on tentlan. Tribes/alliances are weak point in many similar games. Even in successful ones like Ikariam. So there is lot of room for improvement.

    4. Team needs more contact to its player base. We all have lots of wishes. Collecting gems there is hard work, but worth it. More you connect. Better you understand different playing styles. Strengthening diversity in game.. will eventually make great game where there is no 1 correct style.

    No, no no no... Daily rewards, free turquoise.. no..

    Free game coin solves no problems with player base. Daily quests, rewards and so on.. usually just work other way around. More turquoise features and more players just seeing large HOAX signs when they join. I have never met a player who says.. I get no free game coin doses. So I leave.


    Amount of turquoise features should be reduced and game itself needs balancing. This feature in my eyez could hurt more than it helps.

    Largest problems are in the army balancing and era balancing. Once player gets knocked down.. it way too hard to get back for revenge.

    Personally I like the way resource is produced. Its not the first game that I have played that had this. But as someone said. Having more cities make you want to puke when collecting res. It gets stupid and not enjoyable before long. 8+ cities.. well at this point its turning against the game.

    Feathers should be basic function at this point.

    I view this kind of gaming to be shoplifting. Moles are ok. As long players are doing it with one account. Thats part of social game.

    Keep the tentlan clean.. That is something to build on.

    gifting troops is way too easy to abuse. That is my opinion. Its also very easy to use gift troops to go around newbie protection. Maybe simplest way to go around this would be to make gifting troops only possible to downwards. Meaning you cannot send troops to accounts bigger than yours and to send troops to someone that account must be 2x smaller than yours.

    Kyseessä on vapaalla kädellä tehty käännös ja lopussa on kirjoittajan kooste. Kirjotusvirheitä on ja tulee olemaan jatkossakin. Toivottavasti tämä kuitenkin auttaa tapahtumaan sisään. Varsinaista tausta tarinaa en ole aikeissa suomentaa. Senkin voi joku halukas tehä. Englanniksi kirjoitettuna se on löydettävissä foorumeilta.

    Alkuperäinen opas ja läjä muita löytyy seuraavien linkkien takaa. (Englanniksi)

    FAQ - Guides
    Guide: The Bacabs' Crystals

    The Bacabs Crystals

    Mistä on kyse?

    Tapahtuman aikana avautuu uusi säilytys paikka 5 uudelle resursille/kristallille. (punainen, sininen, vihreä, keltainen ja valkoinen.) Tehtävänäsi on kerätä näitä ja käyttää mielesi mukaan.

    Mistä kristalleja saa?

    Näitä kristalleja saa satunnaisesti joko ostamalla tai ryöstämällä. Kristalleja saa ryöstämällä vain barbaari kylistä ja jokaisessa barbaari kylässä on kristalleja mikäli kylää ei ole ryöstetty aijemmin. Jokainen kristalli taas ei ole saman arvoinen. Punainen kristalli on kaikkein tavallisin ja valkoinen on harvinaisin. Järjestys on siis sama kuin varastossa. Ryöstetyt kristallit näkyvät myös osana saalista.

    Asioita jotka tulee huomioida kun metsästää kristalleja:

    • Kristallit eivät näy vakoilu raportissa. Näin ollen kylä pitää ryöstää saadakseen selville mitä kristalleja on missäkin barbaari kylässä.
    • Kristallit on ryöstettävissä vain kerran samasta barbaari kylästä. Jos joku muu on sen tyhjentänyt kristallit menevät hänelle.
    • Kristalli säilö on globaali ja sitä voi käyttää kaikissa kylissä ilman, että niitä tarvii siirellä.
    • Kristalleja ei voi kaupata muiden pelaajien kanssa. Eikä niitä voi ryöstää muilta pelaajilta.
    • Tapahtuman aikana voit ostaa kristalleilla erikoisyksiköitä ja juhlia. (Amazonit, Nahualit, oraakkeli juhla ja kantepec juhla.)

    Nahualit, Kantepec, Oraakkeli, Amazonit?


    Nahualit voivat heidän yliluonnollisien kykyjen avulla vakoilla viholisen liikkeitä. Kun olet rekrytoinut nahualin. Voit lähettää tämän vakoilu tehtävään ja aivan kuten normaalisti. Tämän saavuttua kohteeseensa. Saat vakoilu raportin. Erona on, että tällä kertaa saat raportin vihollisen liikkeistä. Raportti pitää sisällään niin ulos- kuin sisäänpäin suuntautuvan liikenteen.

    Muuta huomioitavaa Nahuleista:

    • Jos pelaaja tulee vakoilluksi ja hänellä on nahualeja liikkuvassa armeijassaan. Ei tämä näy kokonaisuudessaan pelaajalle joka vakoilee ellei hän lähettänyt enemmän nahualeja suorittamaan tehtävää kuin uhrin liikkuvassa armeijassa on. Eli jos uhrin liikkuvassa armeijassa on 4 nahualia. Tulee häntä vakoilla 5 nahualin voimin jotta saa koko raportin liikkuvasta armeijasta. Jos näin ei ole näkyy vakoilevalle osapuolelle vain lähtö ja kohde kylät.
    • Nahualin suoritettua tehtävänsä. Tämä ei palaa muiden joukkojen luo. Nahual on tarkoitettu kertakäyttöiseksi yksiköksi. Jokaista raporttia vastaan on rekrytoitava yksi uusi nahual.
    • Nahualin vakoilu tapahtuu samalla tavalla kuin muutkin. Kohde voi havaita joukkojen lähestymisen ja saa ilmoituksen kun nahual saapuu kylään.
    • Vartiotornin tasolla ei ole merkitystä raportin muodostumisessa.
    • Nahualit muodostavat raportin vain kohde kylästä. Eivät koko pelaajasta.
    • Nahualit vaihtavat puolta jos häviät puolustus taistelun toista pelaajaa vastaan.

    Kantepecin juhla

    Kantepecin juhla mahdollistaa joukkojen liikkumisen ilman, että tarvitsee käyttää maissia. Voit siis liikuttaa mitä vain ja minne vain.
    Ilman, että se maiksii juvän jyvää maissia. Juhla kestää 15min ja sen vaikutus aikaa voi hieman pidentää turkooseilla. Tuona aikana
    kylä jossa juhla pidetään ei maksa joukkojen maissi kustannuksia. Lähti ne suorittamaan mitä tehtävää tahansa.

    Oraakkelin juhla

    Oraakkelin juhlan aikana voit nähdä kuinka pelaajat ovat paikalla. 15min ajan voit nähdä onko joku kirjautunut milloin viimeeksi tililleen. Juhla kestää 15min ja sen vaikutus aikaa voi hieman pidentää turkooseilla. Tuona aikana voit tarkastelemalla muiden profiileja saada selville kuka on paikalla tai milloin viimeeksi hän oli paikalla. Tieto tulee pelaajan pääkylän alle. Kuva esimerkkinä.

    Amazon Soturit

    Amazon soturit näyttelevät tärkeää roolia taisteluissa. Nämä veteraani sotilaat kaatavat huolto joukkoja kuten shamaaneja taistelun kuluessa ja niiden merkitys on suurempi mitä enemmän näitä joukkoja käytetään. Ole kuitenkin varovainen. Vastustaja voi varastaa amazonit ja nahualit mikäli häviät puolustus taistelun.

    Lisää informaatiota voit löytää englanniksi täältä:
    Battle system guide

    Amazon has a very good point in complexity. Complex parts of my suggestion are there to support community part of the game. Since right now we have game that is build largely around the individual. Trade networks are there to give more of an reason to protect smaller players and give them more importance than they have right now. The way I saw them. They are there to improve social aspects of the game. Also some things are much more complex to explain than they really are when in place. As we also see they are very familiar from earlier games.. So people have used these type of mechanics decades now :D

    Also as long we keep "easy to learn, hard to master" type of mentality. Complexity isint really something we need to worry about.

    To Moho, Current battle system or unit stats needs work too. One of the biggest concerns is that early unit lose their importance really fast. Still Im very happy if you find something there that you can work with.

    Now that you say. I understand the civilization part. I wrote this in library when reading book about Mayans. Colonisation I havent played. Basic idea is that we have independent hourly production restriction on troop upkeep. Corn right now does in some scale that now, but it does it pretty poorly. With EK´s problems solved easily. Harder restrictions that can keep troop count low.. yet fair so that you can save what is needed and attack larger enemies. Even if you really cant afford to keep that army for long.

    I dont see patents working on hourly production.. its in so many games and its been around for decades. And no.. I dont pretend idea itself is brand new.. revolutionary heureka idea.. :D

    I would like to ask and propose if slight or somewhat large economic change in game would be welcomed. My hope is that this could help balance warfare in game. Maybe then we could keep some new players in game.

    New resource:

    Valuables like jade, cocoa, pottery, jewelry, artwork,sea shells and tools were traded often as currency in Maya world. Nobles had their own exchange trade system that was working side by side with regular markets. Thats why new resource could be simply called valuables. As far as I know there were no concept of money.

    On the other hand Nobles in Maya world are known to their desire to please gods. So another suggestion would be prestige. Which could hold various factors inside it or just a few.


    Inside the game player would collect valuables and and keep his armies happy. If valuables deplete to 0 then armies start to slowly drop their weapons and go to civil life. Later you can lure them back, but it would cost you. Units that fight for city that has no food and empire that has no valuables will still fight if attacked. As long you still have non recruited veterans you cant recruit new unit in Jaguars temple in any village.

    To recruiting disbanded soldiers takes 1/5 of original time and 1/5 of the original cost of the unit. Awhile in civil life they take 1/2 valuables that they did when active. Units in civil life can be deleted and they can be found under Jaguars temple.

    How to get valuables?

    Every market level gives 10 valuable per hour. First level gives 500. Every stone, obsidian and coco farm level gives 10 valuables per hour. First level gives you 100. This means that if all these buildings were at level 5 you would get 960 valuables per hour. Also every Quetzal Palace level gives 800 per hour and with commerce technology you can build roads. With levels 2,4,6,8,10,15,20,25, 28 and 30. You can build road between your villages or with alliance members village. Roads give bonuses to both villages that are trading together. From one village you can build only 2 roads.


    If you make trade agreement between your village to another. You and your trading partner has to have room for it. Trade between players own villages cost only one tech slot and bonus is divided between towns. Bonus that you get from trading dependent on total population on both towns. This means that 1 million town makes trade agreement with 14 million town they both get 25% bonus in valuables production.

    • less than 1 million total population gives +5% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 1 million total population gives 10% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 4 million total population gives 15% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 6 million total population gives 20% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 15 million total population gives 25% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 20 million total population gives 35% bonus in valuables to both towns

    What costs valuables?

    Units cost valuables however spys, poloms, shamans, nahuals, amazons, quipucamayocs and pochtecas are free. Jaquars cost 3 per hour. Atlants cost 10 valuables per hour and Ek Chuah units cost 120 per hour. Rest cost 1 per hour.

    Valuables cannot be traded off nor raided from other players, but some buildings may cost some valuables in one time deal. Also every time you lose a battle in town that has road with other towns. That trade route goes inactive in both towns for 6h. Giving less trade to both trading towns and empires if trade is shared.


    This idea is more straight forward. Prestige is earned by building Quetzal Palaces and making war. Every time you win a battle you get more points. More heroic the battle more points. This means more enemies killed from larger or roughly same sized army.. more points you get. In addition there could be high score of top 25 battles. If you get in there you get bonus points. Fights against barbarians dont count.

    Prestige is lost hourly by warrior units you have. Better the unit more prestige you lose. On other hand every time you build a Quetzal Palace more hourly production you get. There is also fixed cap that can be broken by winning battles. If your prestige goes to 0 then your troops will start to leave from your service until you get +100 production again from Quetzal Palace.

    Prestige cannot be sold, bought or lost to other players.

    Map objects

    River: If game would have trade like in valuables. River could play some role in game. giving reason for neighbor to ally together rather than fight. "River that are in touch in towns that are doing trade could give extra bonus." Rivers could also divide land and add 5h to traveltime + corn cost when moving troops to otherside.
    Mountain: Better defense if town is next to mountain
    Jungle: better food production. Most of the mayan food came from jungle.

    4 option sounds most fun to me.. 5 is fun too, but Im not sure if I have the time for it..

    Personally Im no peacekeeper.. Im no world police either. So there is no way that Im going to try being nanny for all the kids in my server..