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    Well thats an answer. Sure you are right on one thing there are some sentences that I might consider or dismiss as bullshit. Yet I understand very well what you mean when you say that you have to live too. Also Im not here to rant on how to run your business. Im only telling you how I feel and what I think as an new player. Its not often new faces come to tell what they see and how they feel.

    • We would love to trim down purchasing options to aesthetics/cosmetics only, but to be perfectly honest with you all, running Tentlan is costly.
    • We are not your usual megalomaniac money hungry games corporation; the people behind Tentlan is just a bunch of us who decided to get together, form a studio and pour our lifes into this

    To me these are second most important sentences. Now Im not asking you to cut that heavily. Im only asking you to cut most ridiculous ones. Merge some and simplify purchase features. They are just popping out too much right now. Consider that some features could be more profitable to you as free features than as expensive turquoise features. Just because that way you have more players staying to play.

    Right now players with deep wallets are saying to you that we very likely wont stay here to watch how things develop in future. Just because these are popping out too much. That seems to be fact in my case. Reason is that I really dont see game behind all the purchase options.


    If idea is to grow big and construct communities. Then there shouldn't be too many options to buy to be big. That defeats the work and effort player wants to invest. Both growing to be big and constructing communities should take time.

    This means I would cut:

    - Buy troops
    - Buy resources
    - Buy gems and collectibles
    - Wall boost
    - Warehouse boost
    - Power and stamina boosts
    - Instant permissions for barbarian raids
    - Full survivor bonus
    - Season Change
    - Change alliance name

    I would keep

    - Production bonuses, maybe add population and grain production bonuses
    - Change name for yourself
    - Moving town/empire
    - "Moon necklace" Instant builds.. Price should be tweaked a little. Maybe
    - Protect res
    - Short holiday modes. With ability to play. (not raid/support barbarians or players.)
    - 30-50% survivor bonuses

    Things I would change?

    Blessings would be ideal alliance gifts. If you would add them to alliance page then anyone inside an alliance could activate them for week. To make it even better. You could add levels between 1-20 to each blessing and they would improve after every level. Add little strategy element and make it in away that only 3 of them can be activated at the same time. Leaders could have option to disable blessing from alliance use if they dont want certain one to be activated or decide who all can activate these bonuses.

    Feathers I would merge inside the game as free feature. Replace blessing icons with feather icons.

    aesthetics/cosmetics.. yes more wouldnt hurt but try to keep free options open too and game enjoyable.

    So no.. Im not saying you need to stop giving bonuses.. Im saying they seem too good and ruining the game to the point there is no game to be played. In fact there is no game if everything in game can be achieved with money. Also because they are present everywhere. To new players this looks like money sucking scheme. Even more so when there dosent seem to be any point or goal in game.

    Ill add and edit later more.. Im in a hurry.

    Im probably the player type that is most important to any new game. Newbies. These days we newbies have experiences from many games and we have spend money in them. LOTS of it. jeez.. Dont even want to think about total sum over the years.. haha. Anyways I have few starting reactions I want to share and I hope there will be others over the years.

    Player age: 30
    Points made: 2100+
    How long have I played similar games: 10-13 years
    How would I rate this game? 6/10

    First things I do is to play tutorial, check rankings, payments, forums, message systems, community, overall look and then what I can make of the balance in game. With less than few hours of experience it hard to impossible to say how balanced this game is but I can say something about this game. Not to mention if I want to continue playing.

    Payment stuff:

    Turquoise, turquoise, turquoise... You can spend it on anything and everything. In all honesty there is way too many money spending opportunities in this game. It gets broken when units, stones, luck objects, storage capacity, fill resources (people and grain), change seasons, holiday modes, battle bonuses, raid permissions... are available to be bought with real money. Not to mention blessings that cost about 20 euros per month. There are even change alliance name and game interface stuff that really should be free to everyone. Just because those are features that makes it actually enjoyable to play. In any good game I would think devs would aim for simple and enjoyable gaming experience.

    In short cut significantly purchase options and bring new ones that do not break the gaming experience. No more instant boosts.

    Newbie protection:

    As far as I can say.. This is broken. It dosent need to be rocket scientist to see whats going on. Too little early on and too much later. This screams to me that game has serious balance issues as well. Although I cannot say anything for certain. Personally I think devs should work towards getting rid of this by working on balance and on reasons why larger player could prey on smaller.

    How about defeating 50%+ larger enemy could give you god bonus.. Luck objects/stones?


    30min production option would be much needed


    What little I have seen so far. I think this needs most work. Clans could be better, chat is somewhat primitive and my server dosent even have area in forums.

    What is the game?

    This is my biggest problem in this game. I havent figured out what is my goal. Is it just to grow? Almost out of protection and I still have no goal in mind.. I could ask tons of questions and tutorial seems to make no impact on me what so ever. I dont learn anything from that. Its just res source for me. Its that useless.


    Now whats positive?

    Game looks pretty, theme is fun, production system is to my liking and I like concept of barbarians. What little I understand battle system. It seems to be pretty ok. Im sure I could learn to enjoy this if I would just continue. I also like pre made pictures and fact that there is lot that need to be bought in order to get them. Same with alliance icons. I could actually suggest that some new ones could also require point limits.. Like you need 100k points and 100 turquoise to buy this icon. What I really like that there is purchase items that dont impact the game but rather how I feel as player.

    If this game would not give first impression that my money is all devs want. Then this could be very promising game.

    Peace out..