Production Bonus

  • I'm really enjoying the new server but am being asked a lot of questions I can't answer:

    (1) If an 8 hour production is started with a 20% bonus at the beginning of the 8 hour cycle, but the bonus expires before the 8 hours ends, does the 20% bonus apply to the whole 8 hours or just for the period until the bonus expires?

    (2) If a bonus is in place when a building upgrade is put into the building queue, but the bonus expires before the building starts or is completed, will the bonus still be applied at the start of the building upgrade and how long will it last, e.g. to the end of the building upgrade or only until the bonus expires?

    I hope these questions make sense.

  • Hi Zexa, sure, the questions make sense, as it's not obvious at the first glance if the bonuses apply or not and for how long.

    (1) What is decisive for receiving a bonus is the point in time of placing an order. If you have a bonus in place when a production cycle starts, that bonus will apply to the entire cycle.
    For example, if you have a bonus of 20% at the beginning of the 8 hour cycle, but it expires before the 8h ends, the 20% bonus will still apply to the whole 8h cycle.

    (2) If there is an order in the building queue but when it actually starts, the bonus has already expired, the bonus will not apply. What matters is the point in time when a building upgrade actually starts. If an order is in queue, no bonuses will apply, because the resources for that order won't be subtracted until the order execution starts.
    If a bonus expires before an order (a building upgrade, etc.) has been completed, it will not affect the order execution and the bonus applies without limitations.

    Hope this helps:)

  • Many thanks for the very speedy response. I will inform my new Tribe members accordingly :)