Board rules

  • Board Rules


    • The objective of these rules is by no means to impose a kind of "dictatorship" in the community of Tentlan. However, the rules are necessary to make sure that all users treat each other with respect when communicating on this site.
    • Each time you participate in discussions on this board, you shall accept and comply with these rules.
    • The support team reserves the right to adjust the board rules at any time whenever this be deemed necessary (in which case the community will be informed about the changes).
    • In the case of a non-compliance with the board rules, it is the support team who is to decide upon the sanctions. Depending on the severity of each particular case, it may cause a permanent ban in extreme cases.
    • Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Lionmoon UG shall apply for the use of this board. In case of a contradiction between T&C and the board rules, the provisions of T&C shall prevail.

    General Rules

    • Treat other users and their opinions with respect, remain tolerant and polite. Even if this community is a virtual community, its members are real persons. Any threatening or insulting of other users is not acceptable and must be avoided. Make your comments on a topic, and not on its author.
    • Any messages, or PM that contain racist, threatening, pornographic, offensive, defamatory, obscene or any kinds of content that may sound offensive or hurt feelings and moral of other users, are not acceptable on this board.
    • Furthermore, it is forbidden to publish illegal content or links to such content. This includes politically extreme, morally dangerous and offensive contents, or those which legality may be doubted.
    • It is not permitted to publish private correspondence (private messages, private discussions) without the prior explicit consent of all parties involved. This rule applies to all communication systems, both in Tentlan and outside the game.
    • Registering multiple accounts (multi-accounts) on the board by the same user is not permitted. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban of such accounts. If you want to delete or make changes in your account, contact the support team/board administrator.
    • It is not allowed to post content written in cap letters only, in abusive color (that makes it sound like shouting or similar), or that are composed in a way that makes their reading difficult. Posts that don't not comply with this rule will be edited, and their authors will receive a warning (depending on the severity of each particular case).
    • It is not allowed to publish posts with little content or very short posts in a row, or posts that are outside the scope of the original post (what is known as spamming).
    • The impersonation of any member of the support team, or of any board user, is not permitted anywhere on the board. This also applies to names, avatars, signatures, etc.
    • Before publishing a post, make sure you choose the right forum. Topics posted in the wrong sections will be moved and/or closed, and their authors will be notified.
    • Avoid repetition of topics. Before creating a new thread, check if there is no similar topic already being discussed. Use the search option on the top of the board, and make sure that your question hasn't yet been answered or discussed.
    • Abusive use of the "Report" button is not permitted, i.e. avoid reporting a post to a moderator if there is no reason for such report.
    • Copyrighted materials are not allowed to be published in any kind of posts without prior consent of the owner of said materials.
    • The board language is English only. Except for certain sections where the use of other languages is explicitly permitted, it is not allowed to use any other language on this board.

    Thank you for taking your time and reading these rules, as well as for your help to make this community a place where all Tentlars can have a good time playing and communicating with each other.