FAQ - 1. General questions: tutorial, bonuses, invite friends...

  • - How long does it take to complete the tutorial?

    You've completed the tutorial when your score is about 780 points; it usually takes about an hour or 1.5 hours at the most to go through the whole tutorial.

    - Is there any login daily bonus in Tentlan?

    Yes, there is. As a daily bonus you can receive an amber stone per day, but it is not given automatically with each login. To receive amber stones, you need to attack barbarian camps, one amber per day is guaranteed if you win.

    - How long does the beginner's protection last?

    When you score 2,400 points, or else 5 days after your registration in the game.
    The beginner's protection ends prematurely if you attack another player (barbarian camps don't count).

    - Where do I find the link to invite my friends to Tentlan and get rewards?

    Click on "Settings", this will bring up a window listing various setting options for your account:

    Scroll down the page, and in the section "Invite friends" you'll find your personal invite link:

    You can copy & paste the link, or directly share the link on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

    - How do I change my city name?

    Underneath the resource bar you'll find the city name scroll. By placing the cursor on it, a "hand icon" will show:

    By clicking on this icon, you'll be able to access the field where to change the city name.

    - What in-game structures give points for improving the in-game score, and how are they calculated?

    In Tentlan, buildings, researches, units and cities give points, they are calculated according to the following rule:

    - Each building level gives 10 points;
    - each research level - 10 points;
    - each unit (incl. damaged units) - 1 point;
    - cities: each new city gives 100 points.

    Also, the amount of resources spent on buildings/research/units give further points (population and time not counted in):

    - 1,000 limestone - 1 point;
    - 715 obsidian - 1 point;
    - 500 cacao - 1 point;
    - 2,500 corn - 1 point.