FAQ - 8.2. Speed and cargo

  • - Speed: where can I look up the speed of my units?
    Each unit has its own speed that you can check in the Jaguar Temple. A click on a unit image will bring up a table with unit stats, including speed. Note that then sending a troop that consists of different units, the entire troop moves at the speed of the slowest unit.

    - Is it possible to speed up or slow down the troops?
    Yes, both options are possible.
    To make your units move faster, you can do the following:

    • Research Nature: each level of this technology grants a bonus of 1% applied to unit speed;
    • Use speedups:

    a) There are some speedups (e.g. +5%, +10% etc. units speed) that you can receive as a reward for completing quests.

    b) There is a chance of winning some speedups through spinning the Tzolkin wheel.

    c) Premium:
    - Xaman Ek blessing: +10% speed (to view this option, click the icon on the left of the Shop icon).
    - There are also various speed options accessible directly through the mission window:

    To slow down the pace of your troops, you can select from the following options (premium):

    These options may be useful, for example, if you need to adjust arrival time of your troops.

    - Cargo: what units do I need to transport resources?
    All units (except the unit "spy") can carry resources, i.e. all of them have cargo capacity. The most useful units for resource transportation are poloms (2,000 resources) and pochtecas (10,000 resources). The cargo capacity of each unit is displayed in the Jaguar Temple: