FAQ - 10. Founding new cities

  • - What are the requirements for founding new cities (colonies)?

    • Quetzal Palace level 1 (1rst colony)
    • one settler.

    - How do I found a new city?
    [/b]Go to the world map and click on a free space where you wish to place your new city. If the selected place is free, it will be displayed on the map the following way:

    A click on the "Found new city" label will bring up a window with an overview of all your troops stationed in your current city. Select one settler and press the "Send troops" button, and wait till your troops arrive at their destination.

    - Does it make sense to send more than one settler to found a new city?
    In most cases, sending one settler would be enough. If you send more than one settler, the initial population of your colony will be higher.

    - Is it possible to send other units along with settler(s)?
    Yes, you can send up to 7 units (including the settler), as it makes sense to send some initial resources to the new location.

    - I've just founded a new settlement, how can I access it?
    You can access your new colony through the city name scroll that is located underneath the resource bar. A click on the right-hand scroll button will display a list with all your cities:

    To change between the main city and the colonies, click on the city you wish to access, as pictured:

    - Do I have to always found new settlements out of my main city?

    You can found new settlements out of the city with the highest expansion level of the Quetzal Palace, which in most cases is your main city.

    - Should I place a new settlement close to my main city, or not?
    It depends on your needs. A clear advantage of placing a new settlement close to the main city is the distance for sending resources between both cities. But it can also make sense to found a new settlement far away where your opponents wouldn't find it very easily, and where you can leave your resources, or troops, or both :)

    - Do I need to build a Quetzal Palace in other cities (colonies)?

    It makes sense to build this building structure in your other settlements if you wish to recruit advanced units in those settlements: to recruit jaguar warriors, you need a level 1 Quetzal Palace, to recruit atlants - a level 2 Quetzal Palace, and to recruit ek chuahs - a level 3 Quetzal Palace.

    - How many cities is it possible to found, are there any limitations?

    Currently, there is a limit of 15 cities per game account.

    - Is it possible to conquer cities in Tentlan?
    Currently not.