Introduction of Player: Maize

  • Hello, new to this game, not new to these type games. Seeking a tribe please thanks. Also, a few questions:

    1. Can you die in this game? Meaning, can another player take you out of the game?

    2. Is it possible to move your city to another location?

    3. I researched that there is no wiki guide for the game, but are there other guides available?

    4. New players beginner's protection - how long does it last?

    5. What is the limit on the number of cities a single player can have?

    thank you !

  • Hi Maize and welcome to the game.

    (1) You cannot die in this game. However, your troops can be killed during attacks from other players or during your attacks on other players or barbarian camps. Other players can take resources from you also during attacks. If you did not play for around three weeks, your cities and your account would become 'inactive' and once that happens you cannot access your account again.

    (2) You can only move your first city if you pay with turquoise, which you buy in-game. When you build a second and subsequent cities, you can choose the location free of charge.

    (3) There are some helpful FAQ on this Forum, which are particularly useful for new players. There is nothing else online as yet. You should be able to get help and information from a tribe that you join also.

    (4) Beginner's Protection lasts I think until you have something like 2400 points or you've played 5 or 7 days (this will be in the FAQ referred to earlier).

    (5) There is no limit on the number of cities but each one costs more resources to build.

    Please check out the FAQ, they will definitely help.