Now available: Tambo building and joint attacks/defense

  • Dear Ahaus,

    The time has finally come for Tambo to become a lot more useful ;) Now available on the beta server and coming in the next few days to Seibal, the new Tambo building will enable multiple players to attack or defend in a battle without transferring or donating troops.

    What is it about?

    For a long time now, if you met the requirements you were able to build a building called "Tambo" in your cities. While in the description we stated that the Tambo is used for attacks with allies, prior to this upcoming update the building was reserved and its funcionality not enabled. We are now changing that and enabling what was originally promised for the functionality of this building.

    How will it work?

    Let's take a look at defense and attacks separately:

    Joint defense

    In order to defend an ally, all you'll have to do is select the mission "defend ally" on the worldmap and/or the unit orders window:

    And then proceed to fill in your units as you normally would for any other order. For this to work, both you and your ally must have built Tambo, your ally must have space in their Tambo (determined by the building level and the amount of troops already defending there) and both of you must be sharing the same tribe. If all the conditions are met, simply wait until the troops arrive to your friend:

    And once the troop makes it to the city, it will automatically find shelter in your friend's Tambo and stay in position for battle until it's recalled back. From this point on, both the player sending the troop and the player being defended will be able to see the current status of the troop, as well as recall it or send it back, via the Tambo window:

    On the "My troops" tab you'll find an overview of all troops that you have sent to other players, whereas on the "Allied troops" tab you'll find the status of any external troops currently defending your city.

    Once a battle takes place, the defending troops in the Tambo will automatically join in and do their part:

    As long as the allied troops survive the battles, they will stay in the Tambo and defend indefinitely until called back.

    Joint attacks

    In order to launch an attack with multiple allies, you will have to decide who will be giving the orders to the troops, let's call him the "host" player. Once you have settled on a host player, all other players should send units to the host with the mission "Defend ally", as we explain above for joint defense. Once all the troops are in position and defending in the Tambo of the host player, he will then be able to select and add the allied troops to an attack order via the unit orders window, selecting the "Allied troop" tab:

    Once allied troops are selected, an attack order may be sent to a target as usual, and the respective allies and their troops will do their part in the battle:

    While you have to choose a host player to launch joint attacks, unlike with simply transferring or donating troops to another players, allies participating have more control. Any time a host player sends your troop for an attack, you will be able to see this in the Tambo building window:

    If you do not agree with what the host player is doing with your troops, you can click any time on recall button and in addition to calling the troop back, the current mission will automatically be cancelled.

    If a battle with multiple allies on the attacking side is won, the loot will be distributed depending on the strength that each troop contributed to the battle. Thus, the bigger the troop compared to the others, the more loot that player will be able to collect:

    Note that when multiple players take part in a battle, both on the attacking and the defending side, there is no preference as for who fights or takes damage first; all players are involved equally, as per the rules of one-on-one battles. Thus, two players attacking with 10 lancers each is generally equivalent to one player attacking with 20 lancers.

    When is it coming?

    The update is now available for testing on the beta server and will arrive to Seibal fairly soon if no complications arise. We expect to make it available for everyone in a matter of days, but we have currently no fixed date. We will update this post once the date is set ;)

    More questions

    This announcement gives you a quick overlook on the Tambo and joint battles, but as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. For any questions you may have or further discussion concerning the Tambo please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll try to shed as much light as we can :)

    We hope you'll enjoy what's to come in Tentlan, and we are of course looking forward to your feedback. Stay tuned for updates! ;)


    Your Tentlan Team

  • Tambo is now available for everyone! We hope you enjoy this new functionality, and as always we look forward to hear your thoughts, questions, suggestions and criticism :)

    Cheers and have a great Easter everyone!