Traders at the Market

  • For many days now, the Traders in all my Markets are offering the SAME TRADE: 100 Limestone = 40 Cacao or 64 Obsidian. I spent Turquoise to summon a new Trader, who then offered me the SAME TRADE! I settled my eighth city yesterday and ALL EIGHT MARKETS offering the SAME TRADE.

    Same thing is happening in Frankiedad's account.


  • Due to abuses in this mechanism, since last Monday the trader stopped offering varying rates everywhere. This is not a bug, but intentional design. We are thinking of ways to make the market more useful in the future, but for the time being the rates will continue to be fixed.

  • Hi MoHo,

    A pity that for this kind of changes we don't have a real changelog. I understand that's it's time consuming but it will in the future manage players frustration...

    Also, this will give players the information "Yes we are actively making the game better" (even if i don't have doubt about it)

    Kind Regards,

  • We understand the utility of a changelog, the reason we don't do it for the moment is that, unlike other companies in this space, rather than accumulating bugfixes and minor changes and updating once every six months, we tend to make more frequent incremental changes. Not keeping a changelog allows us to update often with minor changes, rather than waiting for a x point y release for every bug fix. But it has the drawback of being less transparent, so we may eventually create some sort of development log to address this, even if it isn't a changelog in the traditional sense.