Server Merge - Mayapan and Uxmal, on 17 January 2017

  • Dear Ahaus,

    The time has come for a server merge ;) On Tuesday, January 17th 2017, the servers Mayapan and Uxmal will merge into a single server for everyone. The process is going to be very straightforward: at 2:00 am Istanbul time /24:00 CET both aforementioned servers will be disabled, and after a merge procedure that may take up to 1 hour (most likely less if everything goes smoothly), the new merged server will open where everyone will be able to continue playing using the usual login data.

    Please keep in mind the following:

    • One account only: In order not to breach the multi-accounting rule, in case you play in both servers with different accounts, after the merge is complete you may only continue playing with only one of the accounts. You can opt to either set the remainder account in vacation mode, or give it to other players/friends to play, or ask us to eliminate the account.

    (!) Please note: after the merge is completed, no transfers of troops/resources are allowed from the account you decide to abandon, to the account you wish to continue playing. Non-compliance may lead to sanctions for multiaccounting.

    • Same email address: In case you are playing in both servers using the same registered email address for the accounts, only the account with the highest score will be migrated, and the rest will be lost. In order to preserve both accounts, you may change the associated email address in each account so they don't match, but keep in mind that the prior point applies in this case, so do it only if you want to hand the other account to someone else.
    • Same player name: If it happens that two different players have the same player name in different servers (for example, Moctezuma in Mayapan and Moctezuma in Uxmal), when the merge takes place accounts will be renamed automatically to avoid duplicate names. You will have the chance to change your name after this (see the point below regarding the transition period).
    • All tribes will be disbanded, the resulting merge server will start fresh tribe-wise, and everyone will have to form new tribes. As a result, tribe wall messages will be lost, so make sure to make a copy of any important messages in the tribe before the merge takes place.
    • All private messages and reports will be discarded, hence make sure to make copies if you have any important messages or reports laying in your inbox.
    • All cities will be relocated to a random but close to the center (500:500) position, in practice most people will be located next to everyone else, but should you want to relocate your cities after the merge you will be able to do so (see the point below regarding the transition period).
    • All troop movements will be canceled, for this reason make sure to stop all troop movements by the time the merge begins. If you can't help having a troop moving by then, don't worry, the troops will not be lost.

    Transition period

    There will be a transition period for 48 hours on the new server, during which:

    • Attacks to other players will be disabled (it won't apply to barbarians);
    • The Canek and Hunacel Seal (see items in the Game Shop) will be free, so you'll be able to change your and your tribe's name freely during this time.
    • The Copan, Tikal and Itzmal Codex (you will find these items in the Game Shop) can be used for free, so you'll be able to relocate all your cities freely during this time. Note tha there is a cooldown of 12 hours for the use of each of the codices.

    When the merge process starts, Mayapan and Uxmal will become unavailable, and in a process that will take, as already mentioned, one hour or less, the new merged server will open its doors. You should get a confirmation email once the new server is available to play.

    And that's all! Good luck to everyone and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the server merge :)

    Your Tentlan Team