request for merge

  • thats true, but i dont think demolishing-able buildings is a solution. it doesnt solve the problem.
    you will have a couple of months work to destroy all the buildings from the higher lvls.

    result will be that you will be unpopular and after a month, when they all have lvl 1 buildings, you will be here again on the forum with the same problem that all youre concurents have 100 points, and that they dont even have lvl 1 mines.

    result will be that they all quit.

    btw that game exists that you build an villlage and that you can destroy buildings and take over cities but thats a totally different game with a 2 months full reset becouse every month servers reset theire becouse everyone quits

    that was the main reason for me to join the game here.

    personally i have buildings that take 30 days to build, 1 lvl, i would not like to see them lose a lvl

    im already shocked that a wall is breakdownable

    first you have to accept that you have become to strong for youre server,

    i think you have only 3 options,

    option 1 the natural way, normally when people have become to strong and the game becomes to boring than they quit the game and start playing another, and another worldleader will stand up.

    option 2 the normal way, when people become to strong on theire server they look for a new challenge on another server, they start a new game and start as newbie with a lot of expirience and from a clean sheet.

    option 3 the difficult one, a way not manny players can do, bring youre server back alive, stop attacking people, help people starters, support youre concurents. its like an apple tree, if you get all apples from the tree than theire are no apples to eat anymore. if you care the tree well, theire will be new apples some day.

    you cant blame the creators

  • 4 option sounds most fun to me.. 5 is fun too, but Im not sure if I have the time for it..

    Personally Im no peacekeeper.. Im no world police either. So there is no way that Im going to try being nanny for all the kids in my server..