Now available: April 2017 Patch

  • Dear Ahaus,

    It's that time again to bring you a series of additions and corrections to Tentlan that we hope you will all appreciate :) Here's the complete change log, arriving in the next few days, scroll down below this post for the details:

    • [Feature] New option in settings to disable the blue "hint" boxes (recommended for seasoned players only)
    • [Feature] New option in tribe settings to hide your online activity time from your tribe peers
    • [Feature] Browser notifications can now be enabled in settings, get notified when you are attacked, when your resources are ready, etc. while doing something else
    • [Feature] Building/research resource costs are now shown even if you are not currently in the proper season (no longer need to change season to just to check)
    • [Feature] Tribe tags are now shown in the public chat next to player names
    • [Bugfix] New weak/strong player protection (x10 score) algorithm now considers both the attacking and the defending troops in Tambo
    • [Bugfix] Warehouse costs now no longer higher than capacity at very high levels (+50)
    • [Bugfix] Enabling vacation mode now requires that no troops are stationed in any Tambos, in addition to no travel activity in the account
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when buying multiple items in the item shop in succession that would take a few tries to register
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with repeat attack protection (>75% score) not working when attacking via spy mission (*)
    • [Feature] The Tribal Council now grants a warehouse space bonus per level upgrade (*)

    (*) These changes went live before this patch, but weren't not documented on a change log yet.

    The patch is now live in our beta testing server, and you are all of course invited to join to help us test. Over the next few days, we'll be rolling it out slowly to all servers and countries, follow this thread to know when the update hits your server.

    Let us know what you think, we are always happy to hear feedback. As always, for any questions or issues with your account remember you can reach us via our anytime.

    Have fun,

    Your Tentlan Team

  • Some more details and highlights of what's coming in this patch (in a few days):

    • If you've been playing Tentlan for any length of time, you'll be acquainted with the hint popups that appear from time to time in-game:

      You can now disable them via settings:

      While we don't recommend turning them off to new players, those of you that know the ins and out of Tentlan will probably find it a welcome addition. The setting can be turned on and off at will, so you can always re-enable it if you change your mind.

    • As you are probably aware, as a member of a tribe, your last online time is shown to all members at all times:

      In small tribes, where everyone knows each other, this works fine to let everyone know when they can reach you. But as you are probably also aware, in bigger tribes sometimes there are "mole" members that are up to no good and may be leaking your online times to the enemy. If you suspect you are being spied on in your tribe, you can now disable displaying your online times via tribe settings:

      Doing so will show "hidden" rather than your last time online in the members list:

      Tribe admins and founders will still be able to see your last time online, but not your other peers. You can enable/disable this any time you wish in the tribe settings page, and the change also applies to individual profiles or when sorting the members list via the last time online field, so "moles" can't work out your last time online in any way if you choose to hide it.

    • Scenario: You want to do something else but you don't want to miss being attacked, or you want to know when your resources are ready to collect or when your building is finished. Enter: browser notifications!

      Enable these and you'll get little "toast" notifications on your computer when something happens, so you can go watch a movie or do some work meanwhile. To use them, you'll need a modern HTML5 capable browser: the latest Chrome or Firefox will do fine for example. Head to settings and check the new option to enable the notifications:

      Press "Save changes" and your browser will prompt you for access:

      Click on "Allow" and notifications will start to show whenever the window is inactive (i.e. when you are not playing).

    • Scenario: You meet all the requirements for a particular building or research except for the current season. You don't know if you have the resources to build it or research it, and performing a ritual to change a season just to find out you don't have enough res is a pain. Well, you won't have to do that any longer:

      With this update, if you meet all requirements except the season, you'll be able to see the costs in advance.

    • An important change is coming to the way weak/strong player protection works with troops in the Tambo. As seasoned players will know, the Tambo building allows multiple players to both attack and defend together. Experienced players will also know that players with a score of ten times or more of their opponents cannot attack, as it is considered the attacker would be too strong in this case. We found that there were some issues on how this strong player protection worked with Tambo hosted troops, so here's how it will work instead with this upcoming patch:

      • The opponent will be considered too weak to attack if the score of the strongest player in the attack is ten times or more the score of the strongest player in the defending city (whether that is the actual defender or one of the allies with troops in the Tambo).
      • The opponent will be considered too strong to attack if the score of the strongest player in the attack is ten times lower or less than the score of the weakest player in the defending city.

      The change has the following implications:

      • A low score player (say 2,500 points) cannot use the troop of a high score player (say 1M points) to attack another low score player (say 5,000 points) via Tambo. Doing so will result in a "player is too weak" error. This behavior remains as it was before the patch.
      • If a high score player (e.g. 1M points) sends his troops via Tambo to a low score player (say 2,500 points) to defend, another high score player (e.g. 2M points) may attack said low score player any time, since the city is now being defended by a strong player. That is to say, the "too weak" protection disappears when defended by a big player.
      • If a high score player (e.g. 1M points) sends his troops via Tambo to a low score player (say 2,500 points) to defend, another low score player (e.g. 3,000 points) may attack the previous low score player any time, since the weakest player in the city is still within reach for the attacker. In other words, low score players are not shielded from other low score players even when defended by big players.
      • Thus, hosting troops from big players in your Tambo means other big players can attack, while hosting troops from small players means other small players will be able to attack.
      • As a high score player, sending a spy via Tambo to track fellow lower score tribe peers when they are attacked is now discouraged, because unfortunately that would strip them from their strong player protection.
  • This patch is now available on the English servers Yaxha (en7) and Tulum (enm2). English Nakbe will follow likely tomorrow. Have fun, and don't hesitate to let us know if you find any issues :)

  • Now available on the following servers as well:

    • Czech: Mayapan (cz1)
    • Finnish: Mayapan (fi1)
    • Dutch: Mayapán (nl1)
    • Romanian: Mayapan (ro1)
    • Swedish: Mayapán (se1)
    • Norwegian: Mayapan (no1)

    All the remaining servers in all countries will most likely be updated tomorrow. As always please do let us know if you find any issues with this update. Have fun!

  • All the remaining servers in all languages have been updated now. We hope you enjoy the new features, let us know if you spot any problems or if you have any questions :)