Attack strength ratios

  • Hi all.

    I am really enjoying the game,
    I find that there is no real attack strategy.
    IE. Players that have been playing for a while attacking smaller players .
    If there was some sort of a strength ratio. IE , one player was 3 times stronger than the person he is attacking, then this should be allowed and would also give that player a challenge,
    But when we keep getting attacked by players 5 times our strength and even stronger, It really breaks the moral of the players down as we see this as bullying.
    If this was looked at from a developers side and they could implement some form of a strength vs player, I think you would find a lot less inactive players and the players would start to enjoy the game more.

    I hope this can be looked at. 8o

  • I think we have it worked out at Copan, Sandy :D