Underground Barracks or Keep

  • Now that a War Server has been introduced to Tentlan I think we need to protect our troops better without haveing to walk them for miles which is as tiresome as collecting resources. So I think a building like the Underground cave should be brought in so when a attack come in some troops will stay safe in the barracks. Obviously it would not keep troops safe outside your city. But for small freemium players like me I cannot contend with the premium players who spend money trying to get ahead of everyone. Anyway I think the first few levels would look like this:

    Lvl 1 - 2 Troops Protected
    Lvl 2 - 5 Troops Protected
    Lvl 3 - 10 Troops Protected
    Lvl 4 - 20 Troops Protected
    Lvl 5 - 35 Troops Protected

  • I share the suggestion of Lord Sauron.
    In other war games there are buildings to keep the troops hiding for a time of varying hours whose troop capability increases with the rise of the building level. Or there is the possibility of defending the troops or keeping them hidden in the garrisons.