What do you think about the tribes?

  • What is your opinion on tribes in this server. I play in JUL, Justice League and so far it has seem to be very good tribe. Lots of veteran players that know what to do.. Maybe we have too many inactives in here. Still I dont mind. Do you have any opinions? Which in the top ten tribes you like the most and are you in one of these tribes..

    The real TOP 5 (My opinion)

    • Hammerfall
    • MIF
    • Justice League
    • Warriors of the Sun
    • Poland POL
  • what good are the new servers ??? the old ones die !!! please do something !!!! no matter if edzna or itzmal ....... everything is only gray, except a few hard players !!!!!

    :) bin für alles offen!! 8) gebe immer mein bestes :saint::P