A hopeless idea

  • Hello !!!
    I wanted to draw attention to a very stupid idea in the new update, it is a sub-point regarding the failure of spying, in this way, stronger players lose a lot, because sometimes a failure to spy on a weaker player, for example if attacking a weaker player always spies a few seconds before the attack to the city and if spying was unsuccessful I could always count on the luck of being in the city and so the army is standing, now if spying fails, the attack simply will not take place, are you serious about this support team ?? now all servers are supposed to be peaceful ?? I understand that it's about a spy attack, but why do you want to stop it? this is one of the few elation elements of surprise, such as handing the army to a tribe player, which you also block, you want to block the attacks under the spy, block them, but not by security and through the system, ie block the possibility of sending spy actions with the army, very much I'm glad that I'm slowly extinguishing my account because yours sick ideas are destroying the gameplay which is already very boring anyway ... :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

  • I'm not sure I follow your complain, can you explain a bit more in detail what you were doing? I think that what you were doing before will still work after the update (attacks take place after espionage, just without damage, but you do get a report), but I can tell you for certain if you help me understand better.

  • I'm not sure I get the full idea of the post by Sevral, but I agree that the idea of a failed spy attempt should not count as an attack. That is ridiculous. Spying is not an exact science. You sometimes have to send multiple spy missions to get necessary information and to count a failed attempt at spying as an attack is beyond ridiculous. And then you cant attack a city for 12 hours after you fail a spy mission? This is crazy. That is one point of the patch that is going to ruin the game even further.

  • [Bugfix] The 12 hour beaten city protection now applies in attacks that take place after espionage failures as well.

    regarding this sub-point, if before the attack the espionage mission fails (and it happens even at 7 levels of difference, eg if 35 - 28) in which case the attack will not take place and I will receive the information "you have already attacked this player" or something style in reports, I already had such a situation when I sent two attacks on the same player, after the first attack which caused a drop in points and the second attack "bounced off the wall" with the above information, after this update if I want to hunt for another player I will have count on luck, that spy will succeed, otherwise I have to wait for the next lottery

  • Let me explain a little a bit because I think there's some confusion on how this works. The 12 hour protection applies only after fully beating all units in the city first. Only attacks that are successful and win the battle count towards this protection, otherwise you can attack as many times as you want.

    Because failed espionages can never win a battle after the update, it will never trigger said protection. We previously fixed another bug that was not counting these attacks when they were successful, but the new "no damage" rule supersedes this.

    So long story short, you do not have to worry about accidental espionage-attacks triggering protection, because it will never happen. Nothing changes from the point of view of the attacker in this aspect.

    Hope that helps to clear it up, I realize now the way we worded the changelog was a bit confusing on that point, so sorry for that.

  • In talking about new update i have lil proposition for fast add. Adding in notifications in wich city troops ended recruit and in wich city building has ended. Can sound stupid but will help little .