Clean up the screen

  • There is a lot of clutter on the screen, which isn't a big deal when you are in city view, but when you are in world map view it is very annoying. The permanent icons, such as those for city, world map and quests, could be incorporated into the existing ribbons at the top or bottom of the screen.
    I don't see the point of that huge identity icon. You should know who you are and what tribe you belong to. I guess if you have more than one person playing on the same computer, it would be helpful to have the data show, but not to take up such a large area. The points and position could be on the top ribbon too.
    Special icons, such as the one that shows when the gem game is active, could also be on one of the ribbons. Same with the turquoise icon.
    This would have the effect of extending the ribbons on both the too and bottom, essentially making the viewing space shorter but perfectly clean. No need to drag the screen around to see what barbarian is hidden under the clutter.