Server Sayil moderators

  • I point out the lack of moderators in the sayil server.
    In the global chat there are players who insult other players with bad words and no moderator is present.
    For another one of the moderators (perhaps the only) of the server belongs to the tribe of those who use insults.

    It seems to me that a conflict of interests is created.

    Moderators should not belong to a tribe in my opinion.

    please take actions! thank you

  • auci , First of all, one should remember how a whole tribe threatens to block the accounts, just because we had the urge to destroy the army, very cute.
    Maybe there should be a forum to announce which players will not be attacked, otherwise we have blocked accounts.

    And maybe we should remember who started causing other players to chat in jail. On the tribe's chat we asked not to respond to the challenges of the Italian players.
    - today - 22.03.2018
    ertoxx: bau bau[10:35] [NEW O] tavi29: Hi[10:35] [ITa] Pilar¥: Ma buongiorno Tavi[10:36] [NEW O] tavi29: Buon giorno anche per te[10:36] [ITa] Pilar¥: Tu sei il doppio di chi vediamo?[10:38] [NEW O] tavi29: Doppio?[10:40] [ITa] Pilar¥: Yes multi[10:41] [NEW O] Suttog: doppio caffe??? :D[10:42] [ITa] Pilar¥: Next time dear buffy[10:43] [ITa] Pilar¥: Penso che segnalero anche te nel pomeriggio cara[10:46] [ITa] Pilar¥: Del resto la vita e' fatta di scelte[10:46] [NEW O] tavi29: Non siamo due[10:46] [ITa] Pilar¥: Sisi lo so[10:47] [ITa] Pilar¥: In pochi gg i new O si dimezzeranno[10:48] [ITa] Pilar¥: La vedo dura a giocare tranquilli ora...[10:51] [ITa] rok: Buongiorno :))[10:51] [ITa] Pilar¥: Ma ciaooooooo ❤️[10:51] [ITa] rok: CU-CU[10:51] [NEW O] tavi29: Perche si dimezzeranno?[10:51] [ITa] skyland: ehila anco il cuore[10:55] [ITa] Pilar¥: Perche il regolamento vale per tutti....NEW O compresi[10:59] [NEW O] Suttog: non ce nient altro che tu possa dimmi...leggo..sono un po dispiaciuto.. :)[11:02] [ITa] Pilar¥: Iti credo che sei dispiaciuto[11:03] [ITa] Pilar¥: ☕️[11:03] [NEW O] Jok3r: Pilar¥, I

    How should we deal with these threats !!!
    ATTENTION: Dear Sayl players do not attack the LOVEMACHINE tribe, especially the Pillar player, because there is a risk that your account will be blocked.
    In the NEW O tribe, there is no administrator of the tentlan.

  • There are currently no active players in any server of Tentlan that have the power to ban. You will not be banned if you attack any one particular player, and if someone claims otherwise, they are lying.

  • yep. But Italian players have every right to come out of the global chaos to threaten us with blocking their accounts. Please check the global chate on March 21, 2018 .....

    We will respond to such threats by attack.

  • [16:21] [ITa] skyland: boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
    [16:21] [ITa] Pilar¥: Yeppppppppppppppppppppppp
    [16:21] [ITa] skyland: mi spiace ma si gioca cosi criss
    [16:21] [ITa] Pilar¥: skyland,
    [16:22] [ITa] skyland: insegnatelo a joker
    [16:22] [ITa] skyland: avevamo un accordo e non l'ha mantenuto
    [16:22] [ITa] Pilar¥: Promesse da marinaio
    [16:23] [NEW O] sybil:
    [16:24] [NEW O] sybil: sailor does not play here
    [16:24] [ITa] skyland: sybil ci state stalkerando
    [16:24] [ITa] skyland: lo sai questo?
    [16:24] [ITa] Pilar¥: Informeremo il support anche di questo
    [16:24] [NEW O] criss: skyland, good job
    [16:24] [ITa] Pilar¥: L'accanimento e' contro il regolamento!
    [16:25] [ITa] skyland: e ora faremo fuori anche gli 11000 giaguare
    [16:25] [ITa] Pilar¥: Teniamo gli screen di tutti gli attacchi
    [16:25] [ITa] skyland: thanks criss
    [16:28] [NEW O] sybil: Pilar¥, I learned from the opponents , I played with great opponents, they gave me beautiful game lessons
    [16:29] [NEW O] sybil: to say thank you that you are not playing with the opponents I played on another server
    [16:31] [ITa] skyland: giocate a mosca cieca
    [16:31] [ITa] Pilar¥: 12 ore freee thank you
    [16:31] [ITa] Pilar¥: I heal :p
    [16:32] [NEW O] sybil: One thing I learned in this game: RESPECT THE OPPONENT
    [16:33] [ITa] skyland: voi non lo fate
    [16:33] [ITa] skyland: offendete pure
    [16:34] [ITa] Pilar¥: Mi risulta che qualcuno sia stato bannato per insulti...
    [16:34] [ITa] Pilar¥: Suvvia SYBIL sei ridicola

    Why attacks and spies against Italian players are against regulation? It seems as long as they did this was ok :)) ups

  • 1. Game Accounta) Each player is allowed to have only one account per game server (game world) in Tentlan. Each account is to be played only for its own benefit. Accounts that solely exist for the benefit of other accounts, may be banned permanently.

    5. Pushinga) The use of one or more accounts with the sole purpose of advancing the progress of another account (“Pushing”), is forbidden. This is the case when one account regularly and repeatedly receives troops and/or resources from other account(s), thereby such transfers mainly occur unilaterally for the benefit of the account(s) being pushed, or are extremely unbalanced in favor of such accounts.b) Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources between fellow tribe members to help each other, as well as troop transfers for joint actions (joint attacks, defense, etc.) of fellow tribe members, as long as such transfers do not occur regularly and unilaterally for the benefit of the same account, are not considered as pushing.

    § 4. Gameplay hindrance It is not permitted to knowingly and deliberately hinder other players from accessing the game, or to substantially impede their gameplay, for example, through sending a large and disproportional amount of attacks/spy missions, or by any other means that result in substantial hindrance or impossibility to load and/or use the game software. The support team will determine in each particular case if gameplay hindrance took place, and apply sanctions where necessary

    this is Game Rules ....not my personal opinion.

  • Hello everyone

    I am a new player, I really like this game and I would like to continue playing with respect for others, a respect that must be mutual.

    It is also true that this is a game of strategy and struggle, but now we have reached the limit of absolute indecency.

    Some Members of [NEW O] are acting against the regulation, in this case we do not talk about "play" but fierce against another group.

    I myself am under attack by some members who after the defeat do not give me time to heal and be able to play.

    I have kept all the screens and I hope not to use them in case this fury continues against me and my tribe.

    So respect wants respect.

  • I was attacked and spied at the same time by 5-10 players and nothing happened.
    It's a war game, as far as I know ???
    What would you be to play and find a strategy, and not turn to all sorts of tricks.
    Again, account blocking threats just because I handed you a spy and attack session ??? Then 75% of the accounts on the tentlan should be blocked.
    After all, what's the problem ??? because I had the urge to attack you and destroy your troops !!!!

  • Acantha

    Strategy game ... where we are in the tribe ... you do not have to fight alone, but the tribe ... if the tribe does not help, look for other tribes ..

    One thing is to develop a strategy and be better than your opponent.

    I was alone, the LFT tribe defeated, I was looking for a tribe that could help in the game. The game is ultimately about fighting.

    You do not have to cry,you have to play..thanks.

  • Pilar is someone better ... that's it.

    There is no other bad ,
    that you are not a good leader.

    Blame, to threaten ... we are not are faulty,that you are not good to do tribe leader...

    Develop a strategy,defeat the opponent,show the way to the tribe,no cry if he is a leader...this is a real leader, not crying ... not like Pilar.

  • As a player I tell you simply that your way of playing is very shabby, because for two days you together with others of your tribe attack me without stopping, not giving me time to heal ..

    as you play, you stew people and that means abandoning the game.
    in the end you will end up alone.

  • who are you to say who is better or who is worse. We have accepted to have lost the battle but to attack without spying and to attack when one has only little to abbatgli the wall I do not seem a loyal attitude, every day we receive continuous spies and repeated attacks to put awe offend in chat even threats.