kukorica fogyasztás

  • Sziasztok!
    Nem értem, hogy az ötödik városomban a kukorica fogyása pörög. Nem tudok rájönni, mi a hiba, népesség-szabad - munkában összefüggésénél van-e a hiba. Nem értem. A kukoricatermelés kb 23 milliónál tart, és ez hamar, egy óra alatt lepörög.

  • Hi Babszi5356, sorry for answering in English, but maybe I can explain what happens with corn in your 5th city.

    First things first: you need to upgrade your Corn Farm, and not only once, but keep upgrading it continuously. This is important because corn is also used to maintain your population - that part of it that is "free", as well as "working" (this means , that has already been used to build a level of a building or any other purpose).

    If you click on the Sun Temple building, it will bring up a window where you can check your current corn use in the city, see "Population and current consumption". For example, if your current corn consumption per hour is 10,000 and your produce is 23,000 per hour, then in 2,3h time or so your whole corn will be over. To prevent this, you need to upgrade your Corn Farm. Hope this clarifies the corn issue.