Production rates Investigation

  • Hi all, I need help understanding Resource production. I've been trying to figure it out for a long time now and I was wondering if anyone would help me understand it...I'm going to try wording it the best way I can... If the number next to "Base Production" stands for the amount of that specific resource(exmpl: Obsidian) you produce per hour, how come under the "Current Production" 1hr produce tier is a different number even tho the season is Spring(which is neutral, meaning no bonus % or advantage in production is added)????? please >_< I need this to see the whole complete picture... Forever grateful for any explanations or leads

  • I could be wrong, but I believe it is the 10-minute figure x 6 (to give a max hrly production). However, if your production cycle is 1 hr, you produce less than that. If it's 4 hrs, you produce yet less (average per hour) etc.
    You could check it next time you are ready to set production. Look at the variance depending on the length of the production cycle.

  • I tested this. When you research astronomy, it shortens the normal production cycle, e.g. the 10-minute one may be shortened to 6 mins. Let's say the current base production is 300 and your cycle is 6 mins long. 300/6 x 60 gives you the hourly production if you collect and reset exactly on time. The longer the production cycle is, the lower the rate applied, i.e. you are penalized for longer production cycles. Again, you can look at the 2nd production cycle amount, divide it by the minutes in the cycle and multiply by 60 to see that hourly production rate. The same for the other cycles. You can see the base production amount is always less than the one before it.