Server merges - February 2019 mockery

  • I inform you that I will not give up my accounts, unless the administration intends to return the money put in and pay for the time I devoted to their creation, another idiotic idea from the tentlan creators, it's best to close this game, you can see that you are already saving server space because old servers do not bring income, instead of server merges, you can think of some ending, eg defeating the barbarian level 100, the game will have a target, the most powerful tribe wins, you have not given any new features to the game only some bad updates that are more and more limiting

  • I'm sorry you feel this way, Sevral, but the majority of the players in those servers did ask us for a merge; this is the first time we hear that someone doesn't want a merge. We understand that we will never be able to make everyone happy, however.

  • the first time you hear that someone does not match the merges? read the topics on the forum, as I said, I do not give up my accounts and the opinion of other players does not interest me

    and show me where these players wrote that they want this merger, embarrassment