Failed to reconnect to server Hotzuc

  • Hello,

    Please help me with the password recovery process for the Hotzuc server. I made an account today and wanted to see if I can use two server instances simultaneously. I would like to underline that I also have an account on the Uaxactun server. I tried to reconnect to the Hotzuc server after I connected to the Uaxactun server and I did not succeed. I sent about 4-5 times password recovery to the required email address, but nothing happens. I didn't received any.Please: under what conditions can two servers open simultaneously on two browser's tabs and what should I must have to use them?

    Thank you!

  • There are no special conditions for playing simultaneously on two different servers in different tabs, it should work out of the box. It's possible that something is up with your email and/or password, our team at support can help with that if so; you can reach them via the email address: I would suggest to send an email there, making sure to indicate the servers and accounts you are trying to access.

  • I'm back!

    Despite the fact that I received an e-mail with instructions and it worked that day, it didn't worked the next day and so on.

    Please, after how long can I recreate the account on the server using the same e-mail address?

    Thank you?

  • If the email is registered it cannot be re-registered in that server, the only way to reuse is via the forgotten password form, from where you get the email with instructions you got, or by asking support to delete the previous account so the email is free to be registered again.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply! The "forgotten password form" is failing meaning that I don't receive any e-mail with instructions no matter how many times I'm doing the steps in the right way.
    I'll ask the support to help me and delete the existing account.

    Have a nice life!