• I cleared my browser history so now I have to sign back into all my sites and this one was one of them and I forgot my password and I filled in the fields to get one sent to my e-mail and I have done it three times and nothing has come yet. I have checked spam and everywhere, why does this DAMN game do this, I guess they do not want you to get back in and I have been playing long enough to have three cites!!!!! I need some help and I do not want to send a support ticket!!!!!!!!!

  • That's really frustrating. I've been trying to get my email verified and they don't send that link to me either and I've contacted support and have heard nothing back. It seems no one hears much from support.

    It's one of the negative points I mentioned in my blog - I just posted an entry about the game at my site.

    Good luck and I hope you get it resolved.

  • So by the time I get back in with some help from somewhere my game will be all messed up and I will be attacked numerous times, that is unaccetable. This game maker will fix it or the better business Beur. will hear about it and anyone I can find on the web to make there day difficult with complaints; like Facebook and social media, their game base will drop!!!!

  • I did in fact hear from support and they changed my primary email to a different address. As they have mentioned if you email them at the address indicated above from a standard email address i.e. .com, then they can take care of issues for you. I had some trouble with using my email because sometimes it's either flagged as spam or an invalid address to some filters that have not caught up with the more recent domain extensions.

    Also there is a problem with the auto-reply feature in the game so it's best to email them directly.